Madden 22: When will the NFL game arrive on Xbox Game Pass?

Madden 22 has been thriving with new Ultimate Team content since launch, but fans have been crying out for the game to arrive on Xbox Game Pass for a while now... And it looks like some good news is finally here!

Find out everything you need to know about when Madden 22 will be on Xbox Game Pass for players to download and enjoy themselves.

Latest - Madden 22 CONFIRMED for Xbox Game Pass

It looks like Madden 22 is finally coming to Xbox Game Pass very soon.

According to Nibellion, Madden 22 will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on Thursday, 17 February.

The following games will also be arriving on Xbox Game Pass on the same date:

  • Warhammer 3
  • Roboquest
  • Super Mega Baseball 3
  • Galactic Civilizations

Play the Madden 22 Trial now with Xbox Game Pass

While Xbox Game Pass subscribers can't currently download and keep Madden 22 indefinitely, they do actually have a way to start playing right away.

Xbox Game Pass gets most EA titles through the service having EA Play included in their library, and as such Xbox Game Pass subscribers get the same perks that come with an EA Play subscription.

One of those happens to be a full access 10-hour EA Play Trial of most of their major titles, and that includes Madden 22.

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GO BACK TO 21: You can always jump back to last year's Madden

The Madden 22 Trial includes full game access, but with the caveat that after 10 hours of play time you'll have to purchase it to keep playing.

If you do happen to snag the EA Play Trial to experience Madden 22, make sure to close the game out entirely and restart your console when you're done playing it.

There have been issues since launch with the title's 10-hour time limit decreasing when players hop back to the dashboard, so make sure it's closed out if you don't wanna lose any of that time.

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