Madden 23: Cooper Kupp deserves to be on the cover, and that's where we put him

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Now that Super Bowl LVI has come to an end, we can start talking about players that we believe should be on the cover of Madden 23.

One of these players is Cooper Kupp, a player that we believe is the obvious choice for the Madden 23 cover athlete. This is why we decided to put him on a cover ourselves.

Let's reveal our Madden 23 concept cover and why Cooper Kupp deserves to be our next cover athlete.

Madden 23 Cover Concept

Some might think it's too early to get into making Madden 23 cover concepts, but we don't shy away from predictions.

As we said above, we think Cooper Kupp will be the next cover athlete when Madden 23 is revealed. Although we won't find out for some time, we took it into our own hands to come up with a Madden 23 cover courtesy of our design team.

Madden 23 Cover Athlete
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COVER CONCEPT: Could Cooper Kupp make the Madden 23 cover

We love this concept for the Madden 23 cover, and Cooper Kupp is a great option for the cover athlete. To make a case for Kupp to be the cover athlete, we'll break down his accolades this year below.

Why Cooper Kupp should be the Madden 23 cover athlete

Not many receivers have had the career that Cooper Kupp has had in just one season. Not only did he achieve the receiving triple crown, the first since 2005, he's also a Super Bowl MVP. The Madden 23 cover athlete should be represented by someone this special.

For those of you that don't know what the receiving triple crown is, it's when a player leads the NFL in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns.

Here are his stats for the season:

  • 145 receptions
  • 1,947 receiving yards
  • 16 touchdowns
Madden 23 cover athlete
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RAMS WIN: The Los Angeles Rams added another Super Bowl to their franchise

Kupp won Offensive Player of the Year and is the first wide receiver to win the Super Bowl MVP award since Julian Edelman. He also caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford in Super Bowl LVI.

There are a few players that we think could potentially be the Madden 23 cover athlete. However, what Cooper Kupp did for the Rams this season is a big part of how they managed their Super Bowl win last Sunday, and he stands above all as the strongest candidate with an air-tight resume to earn the spot.

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