Madden 22: Flashbacks make their way into the MUT 22 Marketplace

Madden 22 is continuing to add new sets and MUT 22 cards even though the season is coming to an end.

The latest set is the Flashback promo that will bring some NFL legends back to the field. All of the cards revealed were 94 OVR and up.

So, which cards have been revealed and how can they fit on your Madden 22 Ultimate Team? Let's find out.

Madden 22: Flashback Promo Release Date

The Flashback promo was released into Madden 22 on February 9th, 2022. The players we're going to reveal below are available now.

This is just one of the many sets that are available in Madden 22. One of the most recent sets feature players from Super Bowl 56, a few have been revealed already. Still, in an effort to keep players happy, this new Flashback set should win over a few people.

Madden 22 Flashback promo
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NEW CARDS: Check out one of the first reveals for the Flashback set

There is a wide range of players and positions to chose from in this MUT 22 program, but these are the latest that have been added. With five additional players in the promo, this could be one of the largest Madden 22 sets.

Let's take a look at each of the MUT 22 cards that have been added.

New Flashback cards in MUT 22

The Flashback cards are seeing five additional cards be added to their already large set.

Madden 22 is continuing to update the Madden Ultimate Team platform by introducing new cards to their sets. You can see the reveal tweet and the player ratings below:

Here are the cards that could make their way into your Madden 22 Ultimate Team lineup in the event you'd like to use them:

  • Josh Gordon - 95 OVR - WR
  • Andrew Adams - 94 OVR - FS
  • Marcedes Lewis - 94 OVR - TE
  • Ryan Kerrigan - 94 OVR - LE
  • De'Vondre Campbell - 94 OVR - MLB

Obviously, the best card from the group is the 95 OVR Josh Gordon. His 95 SPD and 96 CTH put him up there as one of the best wide receivers in Madden 22. As more cards are added we'll keep you updated with more cards.

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