Dallas Cowboys team rating and top players revealed

Ratings have been running rampant all over Madden 22 over the last few weeks. Plenty of players are rushing to find out where their favorite team to play as landed.

The Dallas Cowboys, being one of the most popular teams in the NFL, are no exception. Let's get you up to speed on what to expect when playing as "America's Team" in Madden 22.

Dallas Cowboys team rating stagnant in Madden 22

After a tough 2020 season, we half-expected their rating to drop in Madden 22. That isn't the case, but they didn't improve from Madden 21 either.

The team's overall rating is an 86, with a 76 defense and an 88 offense. Some believe their rating should be higher but we feel this is pretty accurate.

They didn't lose many players in the offseason but they clearly aren't over an 80 on defense.

Amari Cooper, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, makes a touchdown catch. Madden 22
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RIDE EM' COWBOY: The offense of the Cowboys should be outstanding in Madden 22

The rating on offense is near a 90, so clearly they've got some weapons to work with. This is likely due to the tandem of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot.

However, only one of those players received an X Factor in Madden 22. For more on team ratings in Madden 22, head here.

Home Field Advantage is hilarious and accurate

One of the most amusing things we've witnessed happening at AT&T Stadium is punts hitting the obnoxiously large video board.

Madden 22 decided to use this as an opportunity to create a unique Home Field Advantage for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dubbed "Deflected," the Cowboys Home Field Advantage makes it life tough for opposing punters.

  • Deflected: Opposing team punt distance is shortened when punting across the 50-yard line.

This might seem silly on the surface, but it has happened before and we've seen punters strike the video board more than once.

Even if it's a bit uncommon, it makes sense that punters would have that possibility looming in their mind when playing in Dallas.

We did have an idea for a future Home Field Advantage for Madden 22 though:

  • Blinded: Opposing wide receivers have a higher drop rate when facing the sun

This is of course based on the incredible sun glare that AT&T Stadium has during games.

Top 5 Player Ratings

The individual player ratings for the Dallas Cowboys in Madden 22 could be a shock for some. Usually, the highest-rated person on the team is a skill position player, but not for the Cowboys.

Not only is an offensive lineman the highest-rated player for the Cowboys, but offensive linemen takes two of the top five spots.

  • Zach Martin, RG, OVR 98
  • Amari Cooper. WR, OVR 92
  • Tyron Smith, LT, OVR 91
  • Ezekiel Elliott, RB, OVR 88
  • Dak Prescott, QB, OVR 87
Trevon Diggs, defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys scores a pick-six, Madden 22
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PICK SIX: Cowboys defense rated 76 OVR in Madden 22

Some fans are upset at Dak Prescott's rating in Madden 22. The only problem with their complaints is that since Prescott missed most of the 2021 season, it's tough to make a case for a higher rating.

X Factors for the Dallas Cowboys

Perhaps upsetting Cowboys fans even more is the fact that only two players have been assigned X Factors thus far.

To even further infuriate them, neither of the players is Dak Prescott.

Here are the Dallas Cowboys with X Factors in Madden 21:

WR, Amari Cooper: "Max Security"

  • Zone: High success rate on possession catches.
  • Trigger: Four consecutive completions
  • Knockout: One drop, incompletion, or three consecutive non-targets

RB, Ezekiel Elliott: "Freight Train"

  • Zone: Increased chance to break the next tackle attempt.
  • Trigger: Three rushes for 10+ yards
  • Knockout: One tackle for loss

If you're looking for more information on X Factors and how they'll affect gameplay in Madden 22, head here.

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