Madden 22: Bo Knows Legends on their way to Ultimate Team

There's a chance for you to land some of the top players in Madden 22 through the Bo Knows Legends set in Madden Ultimate Team.

The players have been officially released today and we're here to help you get them and add them to your own Ultimate Team.

Let's go over the latest additions to the Madden 22: Bo Knows Legends.

Madden 22: Bo Knows Legends new additions

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Bo Knows Legends set in Madden 22 Ultimate Team, you can do so first by heading here. This way you'll know the Legends already available.

The newest Bo Knows Legends cover a wide range of positions, but in total, we've received four new players to the group. Check out the announcement here:

We'll be going into more detail below on each one of the players and how they'll fit into your Madden 22 Ultimate Team if you decide to purchase them in MUT 22.

Ty Law (CB) - 95 OVR - New England Patriots

To kick it off we have Ty Law, the legendary corner for the New England Patriots that fits perfectly into the Bo Knows Legends. This will be a huge addition to your team and can fit perfectly in any defensive strategy.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team Ty Law
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STARTING CB: If you land Ty Law, be sure to put him as your leading corner back

Ty Law has a 94 to Man Coverage, a 94 to Zone Coverage, and a 94 SPD rating. Overall, you likely won't find a better cornerback in all of Madden 22. Even better if you have a Patriots Theme Team.

Kevin Mawae (C) - 95 OVR - New York Jets

Having a strong interior to protect your quarterback is vital in Madden 22, without a good center, you could give up a lot of interior pressure. Avoid that by adding Kevin Mawae as your center.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team Kevin Mawae
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PROTECTION: Add one of the best centers in NFL history to your lineup

If you're building a New York Jets team, Mawae is a great starting piece. Currently, he's going for about 287K at the Auction House, so be sure to bring your wallet. However, his 95 PBK and 95 RBK are well worth the price in MUT 22.

Cliff Branch (WR) - 95 OVR - Las Vegas Raiders

Building a Raiders Theme Team has been incredibly popular lately and a key piece they were missing was a strong wide receiver. Cliff Branch fixes that problem in Madden Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team Cliff Branch
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NEW WR: Check out the perfect addition for your MUT 22 Raiders Theme Team

Branch has incredible speed, great hands, and the strength to bring passes down with him. He's actually the most expensive Bo Knows Legend in Madden 22 right now at 290K.

Wilber Marshall (ROLB) - 95 OVR - Kansas City Chiefs

There aren't a whole lot of pieces to build a Kansas City Chiefs Theme Team in Madden 22 yet, but Wilber Marshall is a great start. He's not great as a coverage linebacker though.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team Wilber Marshall
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NEW LINEBACKERS: Wilber Marshall is the latest linebacker in MUT 22

Although he might not work well in coverage, he's an incredible run-stopper and blitzer. If you can find a defensive package for him in Madden 22, he'll be a great addition.

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