Madden 22 Stocking Stuffers return to Zero Chill in Ultimate Team

Madden 22 is bringing back Stocking Stuffers as a part of the Zero Chill promo in Ultimate Team for the first time in years.

We've got all the details on the Madden 22 Stocking Stuffers release date and all of the new players coming to Zero Chill in Ultimate Team.

Madden 22: Stocking Stuffers return to Zero Chill for the first time since MUT 18

Madden 22 is embracing the snowy season with Zero Chill, and this fan-favorite promo has been around for years.

Ultimate Team doesn't always deliver with their promos, but Zero Chill has consistently given us tons of exciting content around the holidays each year.

The promo also tends to change a little over time, with aspects like Snow Beasts and Ghosts of Madden seen in the past, only the latter of which we know is returning.

We've also got new content this year with the Ugly Sweater players, and Zero Chill is bringing back Stocking Stuffers in a new way.

Madden 22 Stocking Stuffers
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DAILY REWARD: Stocking Stuffers were a daily pack reward in MUT 18

We haven't seen Stocking Stuffers as a part of Zero Chill since MUT 18, and at that time it operated as a special kind of pack to open in Zero Chill that would award you regular and Zero Chill players.

That's not the case this time, as Stocking Stuffers return as an entirely new card category within the Zero Chill promo and over two dozen new players are being included.

While all the details were revealed during Good Morning Madden, the program itself isn't due to launch in MUT 22 until Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at approximately 10am ET.

All Stocking Stuffers Players & Champions Revealed

After teasing out the program, we finally got the reveal for the Stocking Stuffers in Zero Chill for Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

These new cards arrive with their own unique card art and offer some support for all the various Theme Teams in MUT 22.

The core 32 players added as Stocking Stuffers include one for each team, and several aim to fill gaps in previously weak positions for their respective Theme Teams.

The following 32 Stocking Stuffers will be available:

  • Alec Ogletree (MLB) - 92 OVR - Chicago Bears
  • Markus Bailey (LOLB) - 92 OVR - Cincinnati Bengals
  • Dion Dawkins (LT) - 92 OVR - Buffalo Bills
  • Tim Patrick (WR) - 92 OVR - Denver Broncos
  • Malik McDowell (DT) - 92 OVR - Cleveland Browns
  • William Gholston (LE) - 92 OVR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Corey Peters (DT) - 92 OVR - Arizona Cardinals
  • Matt Feiler (LG) - 92 OVR - Los Angeles Chargers
  • Juan Thornhill (FS) - 92 OVR - Kansas City Chiefs
  • Al-Quadin Muhammad - 92 OVR - Indianapolis Colts
  • Dalton Schultz (TE) - 92 OVR - Dallas Cowboys
  • Christian Wilkins (DT) - 92 OVR - Miami Dolphins
  • Steven Nelson (CB) - 92 OVR - Philadelphia Eagles
  • Chris Lindstrom (RG) - 92 OVR - Atlanta Falcons
  • Marcell Harris (ROLB) - 92 OVR - San Francisco 49ers
  • James Bradberry IV (CB) - 92 OVR - New York Giants
  • Andrew Wingard (FS) - 92 OVR - Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Greg Van Roten (RG) - 92 OVR - New York Jets
  • Tracy Walker (SS) - 92 OVR - Detroit Lions
  • Royce Newman (RG) - 92 OVR - Green Bay Packers
  • Shaq Thompson (ROLB) - 92 OVR - Carolina Panthers
  • Isaiah Wynn (LT) - 92 OVR - New England Patriots
  • Brandon Parker (RT) - 92 OVR - Las Vegas Raiders
  • Brian Allen (C) - 92 OVR - Los Angeles Rams
  • Bradley Bozeman (LG) - 92 OVR - Baltimore Ravens
  • Antonio Gibson (HB) - 92 OVR - Washington Football Team
  • Cesar Ruiz (RG) - 92 OVR - New Orleans Saints
  • Benson Mayowa (ROLB) - 92 OVR - Seattle Seahawks
  • Eric Ebron (TE) - 92 OVR - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Christian Kirksey (MLB) - 92 OVR - Houston Texans
  • Teair Tart (DT) - 92 OVR - Tennessee Titans
  • Wyatt Davis (RG) - 92 OVR - Minnesota Vikings

New sets have been added along with this release, and you'll need to complete those in order to gain access to the two Stocking Stuffers Champions:

  • JC Jackson (CB) - 94 OVR - New England Patriots
  • CeeDee Lamb (WR) - 94 OVR - Dallas Cowboys

There's no shortage of new content hitting Zero Chill, and that includes special Frozen art for the latest Bo Knows Legends.

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