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Madden 22: Redeem your FREE Zero Chill Peyton Manning in Ultimate Team

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Madden 22 Zero Chill is finally underway, and legendary quarterback Peyton Manning is the central focus in this year's promo.

On top of his powerful champion, we've got details on how you can redeem a Zero Chill Peyton Manning for free to slip into your Madden 22 Ultimate Team lineup.

Madden 22: How to redeem FREE Zero Chill Peyton Manning in Ultimate Team

Madden 22 Ultimate Team has officially kicked off the season of snow with the launch of Zero Chill, and the returning promo is packed with content.

There are dozens of players for you to work towards unlocking and putting in your lineup, but there's one free option you can snag more easily than anything else.

Madden 22 Zero Chill Peyton Manning Free Redeem Claim
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LOGIN NOW: Don't miss your window to snag this freebie

One of the most powerful cards in the promo is Zero Chill Champion Peyton Manning with a 95 OVR rating, but there is a lesser version you can get much sooner.

Just by logging into Ultimate Team, you'll receive a Zero Chill Welcome Pack, and by going to your unopened packs to pop it open you'll get a FREE Zero Chill Peyton Manning.

It won't be quite as powerful as the Zero Chill Champion version, but even this 86 OVR version of Zero Chill Peyton Manning is worthwhile.

Madden 22 Peyton Manning Zero Chill
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THE DEPUTY: This version of Manning is a great early option in Zero Chill

While just an 86 OVR, this version of Manning has got a 90 in Throw Power, 93 in Stamina, 84 in Awareness, and 82+ in all throw accuracy attributes.

There are definitely better quarterbacks in Ultimate Team, but for newer players or those diving back into Ultimate Team after leaving it alone for a while, this Manning card isn't a bad choice.

It's capable enough to anchor your team as you work through challenges and start to build our your team some more, and through the process you'll likely unlock more powerful Zero Chill cards.

How to Unlock Zero Chill Champion Peyton Manning

While the free version can fill a gap, most players will want to start working towards the much more powerful Zero Chill Champion Peyton Manning.

The good news is that unlocking his card in Ultimate Team isn't complicated, but the bad news is that it's not a quick process.

Zero Chill Champions, the only ones revealed so far being Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson, are final rewards when completing Zero Chill sets in MUT 22.

That means you'll want to start working through the program right out of the gate, as every new Zero Chill card could potentially be used to complete sets and finally unlock the Champions.

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