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Madden 22 officially launches this year's Closed Beta

With Madden 22 going full speed ahead towards a release date, many are still looking back at the Community Playtest (Closed Beta).

One thing players were looking forward to was the release of the team ratings, which we now have! It's always a lot of fun to see where your team wound up on the Madden ratings, along with your favorite players.

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Here's everything you need to know about Team Ratings and the Community Playtest (Closed Beta) for Madden 22, including our review after participating in it.

UPDATED: Team Ratings for Madden 22 are revealed

News has been releasing regarding Madden 22 all week. The latest news is the overall ratings of all the teams in the game. Here's a look at the top five teams and their ratings:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 92 OVR
  • Kansas City Chiefs, 90 OVR
  • Green Bay Packers, 89 OVR
  • Baltimore Ravens, 88 OVR
  • Cleveland Browns, 87 OVR

As we near the release date of Madden 22 more information will be released. For the remainder of the 32 teams ratings, head here.

Beta Review of early Madden 22 build

As the beta testing phase for Madden 22 has now come to a close, we were lucky enough to be selected to participate and try out an unfinished version of the game.

While some game modes weren't included, particularly Face of the Franchise and some parts of Ultimate Team, The Yard and Superstar KO did get added in the second week of the beta.

With the closed beta having come to an end on July 1, 2021, we've wrapped up our beta review looking at how the new features and various game modes felt from our first impressions of this unfinished version of the title.

You can view the full review here.


Madden 22 Community Playtest (Closed Beta)

We finally have confirmation that there will be a closed beta or Community Playtest for Madden 22.

It was confirmed in June along with a string of reveals and announcements about the upcoming title, including this new gameplay trailer.

Madden 22 is officially scheduled for a release date of August 20, 2021, which is right in line what what we expected based on launch timing in previous years.

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady were also announced as the double cover athlete pick for this year, making them the first repeat cover athletes and only the second pair to be on a cover with more than one star.


Platforms, Start & End Date

Unfortunately for those on current gen, the Community Playtest (Closed Beta) wasn't accessible, as it's only available on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

The beta began on June 17, and continued until an end date on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

Not everything in the game was be unlocked, as EA Sports had chosen to only make a specific set of game modes available during the Community Playtest (Closed Beta).

Madden 22 Community Playtest Closed Beta
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HIT THE GRIDIRON: The Community Playtest will allow fans to test the game and give feedback

Play Now, Franchise Mode, and Madden Ultimate Team (Strategy Cards, Solo Battles, Weekend League, and Squads) were all available as part of the beta.


In addition to that, week two of the Community Playtest saw a title update for the beta that added Superstar KO and The Yard for the final stretch.

Face of the Franchise was noticeably absent, so it looks like they're holding onto the new "United We Rise" story until the game actually launches.

How to Sign Up & Register

The bad news is that the beta has ended, and even before you were unlikely to get a chance to participate in the Community Playtest if you hadn't already registered prior to it launching.

EA Sports had already reached out to most of the people who were a part of this year's beta, and there was no public registration site for the Community Playtest.

However, there was still one way to get in on the action, and many chose to follow @EAMaddenNFL on Twitter to get a chance to be a part of the Community Playtest.

EA Sports had a few select extra giveaway codes to let lucky gamers join the Closed Beta, and those were given out through their social media channels.

EA Play Live

As of now, EA Play Live is scheduled for July 22, 2021 and should bring some major news for each EA Sports franchise.


We're expecting a closer look at Scouting, which is coming to Franchise Mode via an update currently expected in September.

We may also get more details about the EA Play Trial for Madden 22, which will be available as early as August 12, 2021 to subscribers.

Face of the Franchise trailer revealed

One primary game mode that was missing from the closed beta for Madden 22 was Face of the Franchise, but we've finally gotten a closer look at this year's single-player career mode.


Face of the Franchise: United We Rise brings lots of upgrades and improvements this year, including a new Class Progression System and the option to play as a linebacker in the game mode for the first time ever.

We've got more details here on everything we've learned about Face of the Franchise and what it will look like in Madden 22.