Madden 21 Ratings: Best tight ends (TE) in Franchise Mode - Kittle, Kelce, Gronkowski & more

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A good tight end can be a nightmare for a defense to deal with in Madden 21.

With run-blocking and primary route responsibilities, a great tight end can be the difference between winning and losing. But who are the best?

How to choose the best tight ends (TE) in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

This article will be looking at the best tight ends (TE) in Madden 21's offline modes like Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise. We are not looking at externalities like age, contract status, or surrounding teammates. Just raw stats and OVR.

Let's dive in!

George Kittle - 98 OVR

Team: San Francisco 49ers

The top TE in Madden 21 is George Kittle.

madden 20 george kittle
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CAN'T STOP ME: Tackling Kittle is a tricky task at the best of times

Kittle comes with 88 speed and 89 acceleration to get away from coverage. He has 98 catching and 88 spectacular catch. His route running is solid, with 87 short, 84 medium, and 76 deep.

Best of all though, Kittle leads all tight ends with 78 impact block and 76 run block power. He's the total package.

Travis Kelce - 97 OVR

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Coming in just behind Kittle is Super Bowl LIV winner Travis Kelce.

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The Chiefs TE has 85 speed and 88 acceleration, along with 90 catching and an 83 juke move to be an elite receiver. It's just his blocking (65 run block power) that is markedly different from Kittle.

Rob Gronkowski - 95 OVR

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After a year away, Rob Gronkowski's rating has been a talking point among Madden players. There is no doubting his talent when healthy though.

gronkowski madden 21
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LARGE & IN CHARGE: Gronk is back in the NFL

Gronk isn't the athlete he once was, with 81 speed and 86 acceleration. He does have 94 catching, 93 spectacular catch, and 93 catch in traffic though, making him a near-guaranteed reception.

Zach Ertz - 90 OVR

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

There's a bit of a step down in OVR to Zach Ertz at #4.

The Eagles man has 82 speed and 86 acceleration, but his technique as a receiver is near-flawless.

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He has 86 short, 84 medium, and 74 deep route running, along with 92 catching and 92 spectacular catch.

Austin Hooper - 89 OVR

Team: Cleveland Browns

Next up is Cleveland's new tight end, Austin Hooper.

Hooper is a safe pair of hands, with 97 catching, but his 83 spectacular catch and 82 catching in traffic is a bit of a let down. He's also not much of a blocker.

Evan Engram - 88 OVR

Team: New York Giants

Evan Engram checks in as the fastest tight end in Madden 21 with 90 speed and 91 acceleration. That athleticism can cause defenses fits.

Madden evan engram
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ELITE ATHLETE: Defenders will have a hard time sticking with Engram down the field

He brings 88 catching, 89 spectacular catch, and 81 short route running to the field too.

Jared Cook - 87 OVR

Team: New Orleans Saints

Cook might be a veteran of the NFL, but he still has 85 speed and 90 acceleration.

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His 85 catching is a bit of a disappointment, but he does have 88 spectacular catch, 86 catch in traffic, 82 short route running to still be an effective receiver. He is very much not a blocker though (50 run block power).

All the best tight ends in Madden 21

George Kittle
San Francisco 49ers
Travis Kelce
Kansas City Chiefs
Rob Gronkowksi
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Zach Ertz
Philadelphia Eagles
Austin Hooper
Cleveland Browns
Evan Engram
New York Giants
Jared Cook
New Orleans Saints
Greg Olsen
Seattle Seahawks
Mark Andrews
Baltimore Ravens
Darren Waller
Oakland Raiders
Hunter Henry
Los Angeles Chargers
Eric Ebron
Pittsburgh Steelers
Kyle Rudolph
Minnesota Vikings
Tyler Higbee
Los Angeles Rams
Dallas Goedert
Philadelphia Eagles
Jack Doyle
Indianapolis Colts
OJ Howard
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Trey Burton
Indianapolis Colts
Gerald Everett
Los Angeles Rams
Mike Gesicki
Miami Dolphins

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