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Madden 21 PS5 Trailer: Official reveal, next gen, early access & more

The PS5 reveal event brought plenty of awesome news for the future of the next gen consoles. We got to see in-game footage of many upcoming releases, and some major trailers and announcements.

But unfortunately for football fans, Madden 21 had nothing to show.

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The good news is that Madden 21's trailer has dropped!


Next gen trailer

Not only have we gotten the official reveal trailer, but the Madden 21 on next gen trailer also premiered during EA Play 2020.

You can watch this trailer below:

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Official reveal trailer

The official reveal trailer has finally arrived!


Filled with info and amazing graphics, it looks like we'll be getting new skill stick controls for ball carriers, as well as new pass rush controls.

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Early access

Players can also get early access to the game!

This is via the Deluxe or MVP Editions of the game.

Pre-ordering isn't necessary for early access, but if you do there are some amazing bonus content you can get.


ps5 controller
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Thanks to the PS5 reveal event we've finally seen what the next gen console will look like and its affect on many upcoming titles.

We may not have gotten any Madden footage over the course of the event, but we did get glimpses into NBA 2K21, Grand Turismo 7, a GTA Online standalone, and more.

Pairing this with the console's specs, and pressure from EA Games returning to football, there's all the potential for EA to make Madden 21 the best in the series.

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