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Madden 21: Is MUT Stadium coming after FIFA reveal?

EA has announced FUT Stadium for FIFA 21, a new feature that will bring tons of customization.

But will Madden 21 be receiving a MUT Stadium?

What is FUT Stadium?

FIFA 21's Ultimate Team game mode is getting a huge new feature in FUT Stadium.

FUT Stadiums Concept, MUT Stadium
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FROM THE GROUNDS UP: FUT Stadium will bring tons of customization options to FUT, which would all be perfect for MUT

FUT Stadium will bring customization to your home stadium in Ultimate Team game modes, something that could bring personal flair to Madden Ultimate Team.


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This includes more options to customize your stadium with walkout music, trophy space, fan capacity, goal celebrations, pyrotechnics and more.

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EA could bring these features over to Madden 21's MUT for a perfect fit and more immersion to Ultimate Team battles.

Will we get MUT Stadium?

EA have been very open with Madden 21 content as we approach release day. We've gotten a full list of ratings, X-Factor Abilities, Superstar Abilities, face reveals, gameplay insights, trailers, and plenty more.

madden 21 MUT Stadium christian mccaffrey
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THE ZONE: Madden Ultimate Team could use the personal flair that MUT Stadium could bring, and it would add a lot to the home feel


But there's still more reveals to come! So while we haven't received anything on MUT Stadium yet, it could still be featured in Madden 21.

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The timing is great as Madden Ultimate Team will be the focus of the next Gridiron Notes coming 18 August. This would be the perfect place to reveal the addition of MUT Stadium!

To see if EA surprise us with this reveal, stay tuned as we cover the Gridiron Notes when they release.