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FIFA 21 FUT Pitch Notes: Details, What's new, and more

EA has released an enormous document full of pitch notes for FUT for FIFA 21, and we're here to break it all down for you.

Head over here for the brand new trailer, if you haven't seen it already!

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Keep reading for to find out exactly what's gone into making this FUT better than ever!


Pitch Notes

For the full pitch notes in all their depth, head on over here, but stick with us for the main highlights below!


A new friends widget has been added to the game, to make it even easier to play with a specific friend!


There's also a lot of changes to Co-Op Squad Battles & Division Rivals, and improvements to both Co-Op Friendlies and Co-Op FIFA Trainer improvements too.

FUT Events

Playing together won’t only take place on the pitch in head to head gameplay. In FUT Events you can collaborate and compete by completing Objectives in-game to unlock rewards as a community.

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BRAND NEW: New events are on the way. Credit - EA

There are two new types of Events coming to Objectives - Community events and Team events.


The grounds that you play in have long been one of the key ways to craft an identity for your club.

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STADIUM GOALS: Your stadium will grow like never before! Credit - EA

This year there will be even more options, and your Stadium will grow and change with your team. More stands, more capacity, more places to put your trophies!


Core Competitive Modes Improvements

There are a number of core competitive mode improvements which extend to make the mode more accessible to those just joining the action.

This year you will have an alternative placement method to help you find your level in Division Rivals.

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EASIER FOR NEWCOMERS: EA looks to create a more welcoming environment for those stepping into the mode Credit - EA


The first 30 matches played in Squad Battles will factor the difficulty you play at, and the results of your games, into your placement Division.

There will also be expanded top leaderboards with FUT Champions and Squad Battles both getting an increase in size.

Live FUT Friendlies

Live FUT Friendlies combines Squad Rules, with the different House Rules in Friendlies, to create fun and diverse new ways to play that will be active for a limited time.

Meaningful Moments

In FUT 21, a new feature will allow certain Special Items such as Moments Items to better reflect the real world footballing moments they are based on.

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Updated Game Menus

Game menus have been simplified, and now give quick access to some key parts of the game.

Removal of Fitness & Training Items

All players in FUT 21 will start every game at full Fitness from now on.

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FULL FITNESS: The feature has been removed from this version of the game - Credit EA


ICONs and The FUT 100

For the first time ever there will 100 ICONs in the game!

Next Generation of Consoles

Your FUT progress carries through seamlessly with Dual Entitlement.