*BREAKING* Madden 21: Alternate Playbooks coming to Madden Ultimate Team

Your squad in MUT will soon have access to some new plays to take out opponents on the gridiron!

by Brandon Ridgely
Madden 21 MUT Alternate Playbooks

Thanks to a series of tweets from the Madden direct Twitter account, we now know that Alternate Playbooks are on their way to Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 21!

We can expect to learn more about them with tomorrow’s Good Morning Madden stream, but we already got a couple sneak peeks.

Madden 21 Alternate Playbooks 1
BIG NEWS: Alternate Playbooks can change up how your squad in MUT approach the game

The first sneak peek shows us some of the awesome options coming with MUT Alternate Playbooks.

Madden 21 Alternate Playbooks Madden Ultimate Team 1
COST: Here’s what Alternate Playbooks will look like on the Madden Ultimate Team store

The second sneak peek shows us how the Alternate Playbooks look in the Madden Store, and how much they’ll cost.

This is just one of the newest additions to the MUT world in Madden 21, which also added 3 new Legends to add to your squad today!

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