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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: NFL Free Agency - New masters, sets, & more

The NFL player carrousel is at full speed now that free agency has started

We already know that superstars like Byron Jones have lucrative new contracts, and that Tom Brady is intent on leaving the New England Patriots.

To mirror this Madden 20's Ultimate Team has a new promo - NFL Free Agency - to celebrate this.

When will it start? And who will be the master? Keep reading to find out!

Last year saw Earl Thomas and LeVeon Bell as the Free Agents masters. Each got a 98 OVR card that had a team chemistry slot for any team.

So who will it be this year, and when can we expect this promo to drop?

Release date

With NFL free agency up and running, MUT are kicking off the Free Agency promo today 18 March.

Expect it to go live around 10:30am ET / 2:30pm GMT.

With MUT Series 6 kicking off on Friday, it is a busy time for Madden players!

Free Agent Masters

mut free agency clowney
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BOOM: What a player this will be

We also know that Jadeveon Clowney will get the Free Agency master card.

The Seahawks outside linebacker is a former #1 overall pick and a beast of a player in MUT. If you already have his power up item then you are in luck!

We had assumed it would be Tom Brady, but one Patriots player will be getting a 98 OVR card.

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The six-time Super Bowl champion could land anywhere in free agency, but his left guard Joe Thuney is the one getting the big card.

There will be a second drop of Free Agency cards next week though, so maybe Brady will get one then!

MUT Series 6

We know that MUT Series 6 will start on Friday 20 March so be sure to spend your S5 Trophies or watch them get halved!

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Along with the new series will be a fresh Master go get, and a bunch of new challenges, sets, and promos.

So get ready for a busy first Weekend League and start saving your coins for those fresh new cards!


MUT free agency sets clowney
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EARN IT: Trade in Heroes to earn the Master!

You can build your way up to the Masters by completing sets.

What needs to go in them? Well let’s have a look.

To get one of the two 98 OVR masters you will need to add three of the 96 OVR Free Agency Heroes to a set.

You’ll get two back as NATs, plus the power up item and of course that 98 OVR card.

That’s a pretty good deal.

There is also a set for the 96 OVR Heroes, so you don’t need to get lucky with pack pulls!

You can get one of the 96 OVR Heroes by adding three 90-94 OVR and four 87-89 OVR Free Agency players to these sets.

Simply stack up your cards and keep adding in players to earn those higher cards!

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