Madden 20: Another new X-Factor ability – November title update is live

In October, we got a pretty big title update. So it stands to reason that this month's update is a little smaller.

This update is focused on stability and usability in light of recent events. This means it's focused on the network connectivity remaining stable during games.

Theres a cool new X Factor ability, but it's very disheartening for Franchise players than lots of leagues are still unable to access their saves more than 5 days after the problem was reported and looked at.

The community of players are understanding that something has gone wrong, but not knowing whether to restart or wait for a fix is causing frustration. The only communication came out earlier today;

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SERVERS: EA's latest update on the issues that are plaguing online franchises

New X-Factor Zone Ability

All the previous updates mentioned here, are now available in Franchise Mode (if you can access). In addition to this there is a new ability;

Momentum Shift - Inspired by Ultimate Team Legend LB Ray Lewis, Momentum Shift will knock all opposing players out of the Zone in addition to wiping out all opponents’ Zone progress. Momentum Shift activates after 3 total successful hit-stick tackles on Arcade and Simulation or 5 total on Competitive.

Franchise Updates

All abilities added in the previous update are now available in new and existing Franchise leagues:

  • Mossed - Inspired by Ultimate Team Legend WR Randy Moss, when players with this ability enter the zone, they will win contested catches regardless of coverage on passes of 55 yards or more (but does fall back to ratings formula when countered by defenders with Zoned Out, Man Up, Universal Coverage, Shutdown, and Zone Hawk abilities)
  • Lumberjack - Defensive ability, preventing broken tackles and can cause fumbles when using cut-stick tackles

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  • Out My Way - Defensive ability that always wins vs. impact block attempts vs. WR’s, TE’s and RB’s
  • Goalline Stuff - Defensive ability for quick block sheds against 1-on-1 run blocks within 5 yds of the goalline
  • Inside Stuff - Defensive ability allowing quick block sheds against 1-on-1 run blocks on inside running plays
  • No Outsiders - Defensive ability allowing quick block sheds against 1-on-1 run blocks on outside running plays
  • Tank - Inspired by Ultimate Team Legend TE Rob Gronkowski, ball carriers with this ability break all hit-stick tackles (but does fall back to ratings formula when countered by ‘Enforcer’)

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