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Madden 20: New X-Factor abilities – Another October title update is live

New X-Factor & Superstar Abilities

  • New X-Factor Abilities:
    • Protective Custody (HBs) - Ball carriers with this ability are immune to fumbling when in the zone.
    • Mossed (WRs, TEs)- they will win contested catches regardless of coverage on passes of 50 yards or more.
  • New Superstar Abilities:
    • Lumberjack - Defensive players prevent broken tackles and can cause fumbles when using cutstick tackles
    • Out My Way - Defensive ability that always wins vs. impact block attempts vs. WR’s, TE’s and RB’s
    • Goal Line Stuff - Defensive ability allowing quick blocksheds against 1-on-1 run blocks within 5 yards of the goal-line
    • Inside Stuff - Defensive ability allowing quick blocksheds against 1-on-1 run blocks on inside running plays
    • No Outsiders - Defensive ability allowing quick blocksheds against 1-on-1 run blocks on outside running plays
    • Tank (TE's) - ball carriers with this ability break all hit-stick tackles

Franchise Updates

  • Updated players that are “Last Chance" (players that will enter Free Agency the following week if not re-signed) to now be listed as ‘0’ years remaining in the Team Salaries menu.
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Gameplay Updates

  • Re-introduced stumbling for ball carriers in specific situations

This was taken out from the previous game due to annoyance from players that it was too prevalent. It will be interesting to see how much they have dialed it down when reintroducing it.

  • Tuning to reduce the frequency of ‘auto-broken’ tackles vs. AI-controlled and user-controlled defenders when using conservative tackle on Competitive game style

This reduces the impact of the broken tackles rating, players like Barkley won't be as effective as they have been early in Madden 20.

  • Fixed an issue allowing inaccurate sky kickoffs near the sideline to be frequently recovered by the kicking team

New X-Factors Players:

  • Vikings RB Dalvin Cook, replacing Chargers RB Melvin Gordon
    • X-Factor: First One Free
    • Superstar Abilities: Juke Box, Inside Zone Guru
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  • Packers CB Jaire Alexander, replacing Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger
    • X-Factor: Shutdown
    • Superstar Abilities: Man-Up, Acrobat
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  • Chiefs DT Chris Jones, replacing Panthers QB Cam Newton
    • X-Factor: Fearmonger
  • Superstar Abilities: Power Move Specialist, Under Pressure
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