Madden 20: Its time to increase Gardner Minshew’s rating

He’s the biggest surprise this year, but EA aren’t keeping up with him in the updates…

Tom Owen by Tom Owen

Every year, EA Sports have the unenviable task of releasing Madden with a view of how good each and every player in the NFL is.

Some players complain, a lot of fans complain, and every year there are surprise performers who hugely outperform their ratings.

This year’s biggest outperformer is Gardner Minshew II.

Minshew Mania

When the Jaguars starting QB, Nick Foles, exited the game in the first quarter with a broken collarbone, rookie Gardner Minshew II took over as QB. Despite fans fears, the 6th round pick completed 88% of his passes and performed well. His Madden 20 Launch Rating was a 59 OVR.

Most teams have 2 QBs with ratings better than that.

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The great thing about modern gaming is that games are now live and continually updated. We have seen great things come out of Madden updates, and Minshew has had his ratings pushed up. But is it enough?

Launch Rating 83 78 73 71 70 64
Rating Now 84 84 78 78 81 75
Diff +1 +6 +5 +7 +11 +11

Even with these updates he is at 68 OVR – an increase of 9 points. That makes him the 40th best QB in the league. Above him are the likes of Josh Rosen (71 OVR), Josh Allen (76 OVR) and Baker Mayfield (80 OVR).

Lets compare;

More yards, more touchdowns, more first downs, better passer rating, fewer interceptions.

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Gardner Minshew should be in the mid-70s based on his consistent performance over 5 games. This definitely needs to be over an extended period, but already his body of work is beyond some of his peers with better ratings.

Plus his style is unrivaled…

Week 7 roster update

While Minshew’s last game looked more like a 6th round rookie than he has before, the Week 7 update needs to include a big boost for Minshew simply to keep the Jaguars a realistic team. They look capable of beating almost anyone, but that isn’t the same on Madden with such a poorly rated QB on the field. It’s time to lift Minshew up and stop using his draft status to hold down his rating.


Tom Owen