Madden 20: Glimmer of hope for Franchise players affected by Server ‘maintenance’

Last week, we reported an issue that was affecting CFM saves. This has continued for nearly 7 days and counting with minimal communication from EA.

There has been a glimmer of hope recently as EA Sports Community Manager EA_KRAELO has posted the following statement;

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UPDATES: Latest statement from EA Sports

Whilst this note is definitely missing an estimated time for a fix (and the humility to say they made a mistake), it does offer a recognition that there is a problem. It also does show that EA think they know what has gone wrong, which is usually half the battle.

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From investigation, it appears this affects saves that were created before the first patch. This was the first year that Madden has had an 'early release' of sorts. And each year, those with organized leagues are raring to go and only the most patient can wait several weeks for the first solidifying patch.

There is definitely a theme in gaming of developers releasing unfinished games, and then dealing with issues in an early patch. Especially, when they will be patching as they find things that users report as over or under-powered. In essence, testing is now done en masse with paying customers.

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While this provides some hope for CFM players, the whole saga has further highlighted a divide between CFM and MUT players. The level of crossover between these modes seems low. Franchise players want realism and despise the arcade nature of MUT, with repetitive challenges and silly big plays. MUT players want fun and don't like the slow way CFM develops.

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A GREAT DIVIDE: More players are turning their backs on MUT out of principle

But the crucial part is that MUT players continue to pay even after the game has been purchased, whereas CFM players only pay once. This is clearly the focus for EA, which makes sense from a business perspective. But both sets of players would agree that the level of communication and service at EA really needs to improve to avoid being voted the worst company in America again.

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RUDE: EA Customer Service should avoid antagonizing players

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