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Madden 20: How to dominate against press man blitzes from ANY formation

Every year, like a game of chess, Madden players scramble to find out the killer plays such as the ones we posted here.

And then, before long, its a big scramble to find the plays to try and stop them.

And like any good friend, Realsport is here for you on both sides, helping to show you the best plays...and then how to stop them.

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Defense, and particularly blitzing, has been up-weighted for this years Madden. This year one of the biggest defensive plays is to use Man press coverage blitzes to attack the QB.

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Put Y Receiver in Hitch Smart Route


Beating Man Press Blitzes

1. Line up in ANY formation, ANY Passing play with a slot receiver.

To see your opponent is pressing and in man coverage you will see the cornerbacks lined up very close to the line of scrimmage and directly opposite your receivers. If you have any doubt, you can motion an outside receiver and see if the defender moves with him.

2. Put the slot receiver you want to focus on in a hitch route (This is RT/R2 on the WR Hot Routes option when you have selected the player).

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3. Put the same receiver on a smart route (RB/R1 on the WR Hot Routes option). This will make them go to the first down marker before turning.

4. Make this one read and wait for the right time when he's breaking and throw a low pass (Hold LT/L2 as you throw). This means the defensive player has no chance getting anywhere near.


5. Make the first down and win games.

This works in short and mid yardage situations, you dont really want to try this when any more than 10 yards from a first down. Also, zone defense will be able to beat this so only focus on man press coverage.

It's important to pick your spots and remain patient, but if you keep this in your back pocket for when you need it, you might just pick up a few key wins in Weekend League or your Online Franchise.