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Madden 20 Ratings: All the best Left Tackles (LT) in franchise mode (PS4 & Xbox One)

Madden 20 is finally here. 

It is a game full of familiar features and a few new tweaks, but EA Sports have not reinvented the wheel this year, which means keeping your quarterback up right and with a solid platform is the best path to success on the Madden field.

Having an athletic player at left tackle has been crucial ever since Lawrence Taylor hit the NFL in the 80's and started causing havoc. Since then pass rushers have only grown bigger, faster, and stronger, so blockers need to be as technically proficient and physically capable as possible.

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Who are the best left tackles Madden 20 has to offer in franchise mode?


David Bakhtiari, Green Bay Packers (96 OVR)

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Age: 27


Best Stats: Awareness (99), Pass Block Finesse (98), Pass Block (97), Pass Block Power (96), Strength (91), Impact Blocking (90), Lead Block (88)

David Bakhtiari has been the best left tackle in Madden, and arguably the NFL, for a while now but he is not as well known among fans thanks to being just a fourth-round pick in 2013. Bakhtiari has been to just one Pro Bowl, in 2016, when he was first voted to the Second Team All-Pro.

In 2018 he would finally receive a spot in the First Team All-Pro and received the best pass-blocking grade at the position from Pro Football Focus for the third straight season.

In Madden 20 Bakhtiari is a supreme pass blocker (97) who can deal with finesse (98) and power (96). His maxed out awareness (99) means he won't be surprised by a blitz or stunt. He isn't a stud in the run game (82) but he has the strength (91) and lead block (88) to make a hole if you go directly behind him.

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Trent Williams, Washington Redskins (95 OVR)

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Age: 31


Best Stats: Awareness (98), Pass Block Power (96), Strength (95), Run Block Finesse (95), Impact Blocking (94), Pass Block (93), Run Block (93), Lead Block (92)

Trent Williams was the fourth overall pick for the Washington Redskins in 2010 and has been a terrific player ever since. He's been to seven Pro Bowls and was a Second Team All-Pro in 2015. Williams has seen a lot of quarterbacks play behind him and he has looked after them all.

In Madden 20 Williams is an amazingly balanced blocker, with superb run block (93) and pass block (93). His strength (95) is enormous and it makes his pass block power (96) the best part of his game. He also has high awareness (98) to spot blitzes.

Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys (94 OVR)

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Age: 28


Best Stats: Strength (96), Pass Block Power (95), Run Block Finesse (94), Pass Block Finesse (93), Awareness (93), Impact Blocking (92), Run Block (92), Pass Block (92)

Tyron Smith is one of the better known offensive linemen in the NFL after going 9th overall in 2011. Smith was an instant hit, with his enormous hands and incredible wingspan capable of engulfing pass rushers. He's been to 6 Pro Bowls in his career and has been a First Team All-Pro choice twice. Injuries in recent seasons have slowed him, but he is still a monster pass protector for Dallas.

In Madden 20 Smith is a beast, with incredible strength (96) that is the foundation for his superb pass block power (95). He is very balanced with his blocking prowess (run block 92, pass block 92, impact block 92) and aware (93) to any games the defense may run in front of him.

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Andrew Whitworth, Los Angeles Rams (93 OVR)

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Age: 37


Best Stats: Pass Block Finesse (96), Awareness (95), Pass Block (94), Impact Blocking (93), Pass Block Power (93), Strength (92), Lead Block (91)

Andrew Whitworth has long been one of the most impressive blockers in the NFL. A second-round pick for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2006, the veteran spent 11 years in Ohio blocking for many quarterbacks and leaving a lasting legacy with the team. He picked up 3 Pro Bowl selections and one First Team All-Pro spot as a Bengal before the franchise let him walk in 2017. 

He signed with the Rams and was immediately a First Team All-Pro again and has been instrumental in LA's recent success.

In Madden 20 Whitworth is a pure pass blocker (94). His finesse (96) is superb and his power (93) isn't too far behind. His run blocking (90) isn't exactly bad either.

Joe Staley, San Francisco 49ers (90 OVR)

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Age: 35


Best Stats: Run Block Power (95), Run Block (94), Strength (92), Run Block Finesse (92), Awareness (91), Pass Block Finesse (90)

Another NFL veteran left tackle. Joe Staley was a first-round pick for the 49ers in 2007 and has been a star for them ever since. He's been to 6 Pro Bowls and named to three Second Team All-Pro teams. His peak was in 2011-2013 but Staley remains a highly effective blocker.

In Madden 20 his strength lies in run blocking (94) with the power (95) to move bodies. He is a quality pass blocker (89) but can struggle with pass rushers that use power (84).

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Terron Armstead, New Orleans Saints (88 OVR)

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Age: 28


Best Stats: Awareness (92), Pass Block Finesse (92), Pass Block (91), Lead Block (90), Strength (89), Run Block Finesse (88), Pass Block Power (85)

Terron Armstead was a third-round pick for the New Orleans Saints in 2013 and quickly developed into a proficient and then excellent left tackle. In 2018 he earned his first invite to the Pro Bowl as well as his first spot on the Second Team All-Pro. Injuries have caused him to miss 21 games in the last 3 years, but when on the field he is a brick wall.

In Madden 20 Armstead is a step below the liked of Whitworth and Staley, with his pass block (91) and run block (86) a little unbalanced. He doesn't have the elite strength (89) of a Smith or Williams, but his pass block finesse (92) is good and his awareness (92) is high.

Jason Peters, Philadelphia Eagles (87 OVR)

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Age: 37


Best Stats: Strength (95), Pass Block Power (90), Awareness (90), Impact Blocking (89), Run Block Finesse (89), Lead Block (89), Pass Block (88), Run Block (87)

Jason Peters was a blocking tight end in college and went undrafted in 2004. He latched on with the Buffalo Bills where his size and impressive footwork encouraged them to retrain him as an offensive tackle. The result was a dominant force. Peters was the starting right tackle in 2006 and went to the Pro Bowl in 2007 as well as earning the first of 4 Second Team All-Pro honors. 

In 2009 Peters was traded to the Eagles and became their star left tackle. In 2011 he got his first First Team All-Pro spot. He now has 9 Pro Bowl invites to his name and while age has sapped some of his power Peters is still a highly effective left tackle.

In Madden 20 Peters still has outstanding strength (95) that underpins good pass block power (90). His pass block (88) and run block (87) are well balanced and his impact block (89) and lead block (89) means you can use him at the point of attack frequently.

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David BakhtiariGB962791978290
Trent WilliamsWAS953195939394
Tyron SmithDAL942896929292
Andrew WhitworthLAR933792949093
Joe StaleySF903592899488
Terron ArmsteadNO882889918685
Jason PetersPHI873795888789
Alejandro VillanuevaPIT863087868186
Ronnie StanleyBAL852587878584
Laremy TunsilMIA842591857984
Anthony CastonzoIND843188788887
Charles Leno JrCHI832786838983
Duane BrownSEA823490848386
Taylor MotonCAR802587828380
Taylor LewanTEN802891827791
Jake MatthewsATL792786808085
Dion DawkinsBUF772589787981
Garett BollesDEN772790768487
Taylor DeckerDET762590806884
Russell OkungLAC763088817881