Madden 20: Fastest players in franchise mode (Xbox One & PS4)

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Speed kills.

It doesn't matter what game you are playing, from NBA to FIFA, if a player doesn't have much speed they better have elite stats elsewhere to make up for it. But if they can run then they can become OP megastars in any game mode.


Madden 20 is no different. Speed, acceleration, and agility have often been a deciding factor in the game, far more so than strength.

Madden 20 is here at last and despite adjustments to player ratings and some additional gameplay features, player speed will still be crucial to success on the field.

With that in mind, this piece looks at the fastest players in Madden 20. Those with the blazing speed to break open a coverage or streak across and pick off a pass.

Most of these players will be wide receivers or defensive backs, and getting them on your team will give you a better chance at winning a Super Bowl.

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Tyreek Hill, WR, Kansas City Chiefs (94 OVR)

Age: 25


Best Stats: Speed (99), Acceleration (99), Agility (98), Elusiveness (98), Juke Move (97), Deep Route Running (96), Jumping (93), Release (91), Catching (90), Catch In Traffic (90)

Tyreek Hill came into the NFL as a known speed-demon, and his play in the NFL has only confirmed his status as the supreme speedster in football. In just 3 seasons he has become a nightmare for defensive backs to handle. 2018 was his best season to date, making 87 catches for 1,479 yards and 12 touchdowns along with 151 yards and a score as a rusher. He's also scored 4 return touchdowns.

In Madden 20 Hill is just 1 agility point (98) away from a perfect speed score. He has the maximum speed (99) and acceleration (99). Combined with all that Hill gets elite elusiveness (98) and juke move (97) stats as well as superb deep route running (96). He can also get off the line (91) and has good hands (90) too. Hill may be one of the best offensive weapons a Madden game has ever produced.

Marquise Brown, WR, Baltimore Ravens (77 OVR)

Age: 22

Best Stats: Speed (97), Agility (96), Acceleration (95), Juke Move (87), Jumping (85), Elusiveness (84), Spectacular Catch (82), Catching (81), Deep Route Running (81)

Next up is Baltimore Ravens rookie Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. The Ravens selected him 25th overall this year thanks to his blazing speed and big play ability. In two years at Oklahoma Brown tallied 132 catches for 2,413 yards and 17 touchdowns. He missed the Combine and his pro day after getting surgery, but his college game tape speaks for itself.


In Madden 20 Brown's speed (97) is superb, as are his supporting stats (agility 96, acceleration 95). He is elusive (84) with the ball in hand and can out-jump (85) a lot of defenders. His catching (81) isn't superb, but as a rookie at just 22 years old there is so much room for improvement, especially if you can carve out some big plays for him early on.

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John Ross, WR, Cincinnati Bengals (74 OVR)

Age: 24

Best Stats: Speed (97), Acceleration (95), Agility (93), Juke Move (93), Jumping (88), Elusiveness (85), Deep Route Running (80)

John Ross is what the Ravens hope Brown doesn't become. Ross set the NFL Combine record for the 40-yard dash in 2017 with a ridiculous time of 4.24 seconds, which prompted the Cincinnati Bengals to take him 9th overall that year. The reward was 0 catches his rookie year, and just 21 for 210 yards in 2018.

In Madden Ross is a far better player than he is for the Bengals. His speed (97) will get him behind most defenses and his acceleration (95) will help him break short plays for a lot of yards too. He is elusive (85) in the open field and has an elite juke move (93) to crush defenders. His catching (79) isn't awful, but he won't reel in everything.


Damiere Byrd, WR, Arizona Cardinals (71 OVR)

Age: 26

Best Stats: Speed (96), Acceleration (94), Agility (94), Jumping (92), Juke Move (80), Deep Route Running (80), Catching (76)

Damiere Byrd was undrafted in 2015 but got picked up by the Carolina Panthers and became a useful piece of their special teams unit. In 2017 he returned a few kicks and took one 103 yards to the house for a score while also making 10 catches for 105 yards and two touchdowns. In 2019 he joined Arizona.

Byrd brings elite speed (96) to Madden 20 along with stellar acceleration (94) and agility (94). He has superb jumping (92) to go over the top of defensive backs and high enough catching (76) to make plays. He has nice deep route running (80) and strong kick return (84) too.

Rico Gafford, WR, Oakland Raiders (51 OVR)

Age: 23


Best Stats: Speed (96), Acceleration (94), Jumping (87), Juke Move (74), Elusiveness (73), Deep Route Running (54)

Rico Gafford was undrafted in 2018, originally signing with the Tennessee Titans before landing with the Oakland Raiders but he hasn't seen much of an NFL field just yet. At Wyoming he played cornerback for 2 years, making 6 interceptions.

In Madden 20 Gafford doesn't bring much beyond his speed (96) and acceleration (94). He has good jumping (87) but his catching (72) is poor as his his deep route running (54).

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Marquise Goodwin, WR, San Francisco 49ers (83 OVR)

Age: 28

Best Stats: Speed (96), Acceleration (96), Jumping (95), Agility (92), Deep Route Running (87), Catching (86), Medium Route Running (85), Spectacular Catch (84), Elusiveness (76)


Marquise Goodwin made a name for himself by burning Darrelle Revis down the sideline in 2016. The next year he moved to San Francisco and started to impress under Kyle Shanahan, making 56 catches for 962 yards and 2 scores. His 2018 was impacted by injuries, but he still averaged a terrific 17.2 yards per catch.

In Madden 20 Goodwin has excellent speed (96), acceleration (95), and jumping (95). That along with good deep route running (85) and consistent hands (86) make him a real threat to make big plays consistently.

Jakeem Grant, WR, Miami Dolphins (75 OVR)

Age: 26

Best Stats: Speed (96), Acceleration (95), Agility (91), Jumping (88), Juke Move (87), Catching (83), Deep Route Running (80)

Jakeem Grant was a 6th round pick for the Dolphins in 2016 and has consistently been deployed as a returner. In 2018 he scored both a kick and punt return while also bringing in 21 catches for 268 yards and two scores.

In Madden 20 grant has electric speed (96) and acceleration (95) as well as strong jumping (88) and a juke move (87). He has good catching (83) and can run deep routes (80) too.


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