Madden 21: Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski could make Tampa Bay unstoppable

What an offseason the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had.

With the announcement yesterday of a trade for a recently unretired Rob Gronkowski, the Bucs have managed to get a future Hall-of-Fame QB and TE in just a few months.

Add to this their existing talent and they have gone from a losing 7-9 record to 5th favorite, and shortening, to win the Super Bowl.


With this the year of the next-gen consoles, Brady to Gronk will look slick on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense could be the most deadly unit in Madden 21.

QB - Tom Brady

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Tom Brady is routinely talked about as being the greatest NFL player of all time. Now Tampa Bay have the chance to have him run their team. The fact he has played in NINE Super Bowls and won SIX is unrivaled.


He brings experience and elite play with him. It will be interesting to see how he will manage away from the only system he has ever known in New England - but do not bet against him taking this team the whole way.

In Madden 20, he is 91 OVR with 96 Short Acc, 91 Mid Acc and 90 Deep Acc. We wouldn't expect these ratings to change too much for Madden 21.

WRs - Mike Evans, Chris Godwin

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Fast becoming one of the standout WR tandems in the league, Evans and Godwin are a mix of thunder and lightning.


Evans, a former 7th overall pick, is up there with the elite WRs in the game. Having Julio Jones and Michael Thomas in the same division can overshadow his talent at times.

However, he's never had less than 1,000 yards in a season. In Madden 20, he is 92 OVR and wows with 97 release, 95 jumping and 95 catch in traffic.

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Chris Godwin had a breakout season in 2019 with over 1,300 yards using his impressive speed to gain huge yards-after-catch.

In Madden 20, he impresses with 87 OVR and this is made up of 97 catching and 91 speed. We are anticipating a boost to these stats for Madden 21 on the back of his 2019 season.

TEs - Rob Gronkowski, OJ Howard, Cameron Brate

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There isn't a better group of TEs in the NFL.


Despite only being 30 years old, Gronk has come out of retirement for this move and will definitely enjoy Florida life. Gronk wasn't in Madden 20 but as he holds multiple TE NFL records, as well as three Super Bowl wins to his name, he will easily rate in the 90s OVR for Madden 21.

In OJ Howard, Gronk has a talented understudy. A former 19th overall pick, Howard has shown talent but hasn't set the NFL on fire as many 1st round picks do. He had decent ratings in Madden 20, with 81 OVR. His 83 catching, 82 catch in traffic and 87 speed make him a particularly quick and deadly TE.

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Cameron Brate was undrafted out of Harvard but has built himself a role in the team over his six seasons there. Madden 20 had him 79 OVR with 86 catching.

OL - Ali Marpet

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The Buccs OL isn't league-leading, but it has some highlights. Most notably in Ali Marpet. A former 2nd rounder, he has made himself the leader of this OL from the Left Guard position.

Madden 20 was pretty light on great OL so Marpet at 89 OVR was a big compliment. His 87 pass block and 89 run block is up there with the best in the league. Based on the improvements to the team and his decent 2019 season, it wouldn't be surprising to see this boosted for Madden 21.


That's not all

Let's not forget that the Buccaneers still have pick #14 and #45 on the board that they can add more talent to this roster with.

A lot of mock drafts have them taking OT Andrew Thomas out of Georgia. This would strengthen a patchy OL that can protect Tom Brady and allow him to do his thing.

Good luck trying to stop these guys in Franchise Mode.