Madden 20: Arizona Cardinals offensive playbook money plays

Which of Kliff Kingsburys plays can get you scoring points every time you’re on the ball?

Tom Owen by Tom Owen

The Cardinals playbook might be the surprise package in this Madden for offensive playbooks. With the addition of Kliff Kingsbury to the league, it might be time to try something a little different. 

Kingsbury joins from the college ranks where he was head coach of Texas Tech. He comes with a reputation for bringing a pass-heavy coach with a strong understanding of the spread offense

Shotgun cluster is an exciting new package where the TE is not attached to the line and is very popular in the college ranks. A receiving TE and HB will thrive under these spread-style plays with lots of short yardage opportunities.

The Cardinals offensive playbook features plays that can unlock defenses in different ways to what you might have seen before. But what are the money plays this year? Which ones can you frustrate opponents with and dominate online?

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Shotgun Cluster HB Str – Post Curls

This is the kind of play that ‘ego’ players won’t pick as the routes don’t look like huge yardage plays. The key to this play is the options it opens. It sets you up in a formation to beat just about any coverage.

The key standard read is focused on the B/O receiver, cutting across the field and heading toward the left sideline – this regularly slices defenses as the player crosses zones.

Each receiver has a route to pick holes in the coverage, but these can be adjusted to maximum affect. Changing the TE to a drag route audible can open up the short passing game, particularly for a player like Charles Clay.

With the increase in pass-rushing dominance in Madden 20 it is also very effective to have the ability to change the HB to a blocking audible to support the OL.

Post Curls (HB audible to block) vs Cover 2 Man

Against zone coverages, you have plenty of options. The TE drag comes open against any zone, while the RB can pick up short yardage or blitzers when the defense brings a rush.

Users can’t cover all the receivers across the field and B/O will often split zone safeties. Against an aggressive man press you can audible X into a streak and take a deep shot.

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Pistol Spread – Zone Alert Bubble

RPO’s are new to this years Madden, and this is one of the most effective versions of it. Pash rushing is key to the new game and this helps to work as an antidote to punish aggressive defenses.

Particularly effective against 3-4 defenses, the RPO gives you the option between a standard zone run or a quick bubble read that can break big yardage with a speedy receiver with high agility. 

The opponent will struggle to know the play you have chosen, but even if they are that good, they will not know whether you will run or pass. Finally, to add to this confusion for your opponent, you can flip the play without showing this meaning that you have the option of 2 different WRs to screen to. When playing online, this kind of secrecy around options is invaluable against the better MUT players.

Zone Alert Bubble v Big Nickel Over G

Reading the red/green rushing indicator helps to make the choices for you. This is not a big playmaker unless your screen breaks, but it will pick up 4/5 yards consistently at the same time as being near impossible to scheme against.

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Shotgun Cluster – Mesh Post

Another Shotgun play with a B/O receiver post as the focus. The same principle applies to the first play in the list, and that receiver will often split the safeties zones – with timing the throw being key.

Whats great about this play, is the supporting cast. The HB offers a dump off pass to the flat that can still break big, and if the coverage gets deeper to prevent the deeper plays the X/Square receiver and TE can do a lot of damage with the smart drag routes.

Mesh Post v Cover 1 Man

The B/O receiver will give you deep yardage, splitting zone safeties. Whilst X/Square and A/X drag routes beat man coverage and cross zones for well timed first down yardage.

These are just a couple of plays that make the Cardinals offense a deadly one to play with.


Tom Owen