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Madden 20: Arizona Cardinals offensive playbook money plays

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Shotgun Cluster HB Str – Post Curls

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Pistol Spread – Zone Alert Bubble

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Reading the red/green rushing indicator helps to make the choices for you. This is not a big playmaker unless your screen breaks, but it will pick up 4/5 yards consistently at the same time as being near impossible to scheme against.

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Shotgun Cluster – Mesh Post

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Another Shotgun play with a B/O receiver post as the focus. The same principle applies to the first play in the list, and that receiver will often split the safeties zones - with timing the throw being key.


Whats great about this play, is the supporting cast. The HB offers a dump off pass to the flat that can still break big, and if the coverage gets deeper to prevent the deeper plays the X/Square receiver and TE can do a lot of damage with the smart drag routes.

The B/O receiver will give you deep yardage, splitting zone safeties. Whilst X/Square and A/X drag routes beat man coverage and cross zones for well timed first down yardage.

These are just a couple of plays that make the Cardinals offense a deadly one to play with.

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