Madden 20: These pre-snap offensive adjustment controls will make you deadly on O

Make yourself unplayable with these pre-snap commands and confuse opponents!

Tom Owen by Tom Owen

Every year, Madden tries to make its gameplay more and more immersive. One of the biggest strides in recent years has been the ability to adjust your plays on both offense and defense before the snap.

They have been a part of Madden as early as 2015, but with each year they get more complex and become more important to the game. Whether you’re a franchise player or a MUT grinder, you will need to know what they do to achieve your best play.

Pre snap adjustments are one of the key elements that elevate players from the casual to successful. Some players do hundreds of adjustments before each and every snap, this is a continual learning process through every game.

Below we have explored all the Offensive Adjustments you can make. When you are in the game, have selected a play, you will see your players at the line of scrimmage. Pressing the Right Stick in will bring up the following option;



Audible – RS in then X/Square

After you have chosen a play, you may wish to change your mind or see something in the defense you want to exploit. Maybe you picked a running play and now the defense is stacking the box you feel a play action will result in a big gain.

The X/Square button will open up some options to change the play to a small selection of other plays. This usually includes at least 1 running play, 1 short passing play, 1 deep passing play and 1 play action action play.

You can cycle through different sub formations using right and left on the D-pad but these will be limited. Once you get the hang of this, you can actually preset what you want these to be.

Hot Routes – RS in then Y/Triangle then Receiver

Hot routes are where you change individual routes within a play. If you spot a gap in the defense or want to target a particular point in the field, you can change players routes to suit where you want them to be. The options change by position;

Streak – Press LS Up. This is a straight-line route, right to the end zone.

Out – Press LS Left/Right (depending on side of the field). This runs around 7 yards forward and then cuts to the side-line, whichever is nearer.

In – Press LS Left/Right (depending on side of the field). Similar to Out, but towards the inside of the field.

Curl – Press LS Down. This sends the player 10 yards, before turning around to catch the ball in perfect time for a first down.

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Position specific – WRs

Fade – Press RS Up. Like a streak but the WR slowly drifts to the side-line.

Zig – Press RS Left/Right (depending on side of the field). The receiver runs inside for a couple of yards, before doing a 180 turn towards the side-line.

Slant – Press RS Left/Right (depending on side of the field). This is a staple play to get a first down. The receiver heads in a diagonal to centre of the field and across it.

Drag – Press RS Down. This makes the player run just past the line of scrimmage and across the field.

Comeback – Press LT/L2. The receiver will run around 15-20 yards down field, before then turning back on himself to receive the pass. This needs very good timing to be successful. If not timed well, often leads to interceptions

Smokescreen – Press RT/R2. This is a short screen play, the player won’t move from the line and it needs to be passed as soon as snapped to work.

Position specific – HBs

WheelPress RS Up. The HB comes out the back field in a big arch and they up the field in a streak.

Swing Left/Right – Press RS Left/Right (depending on side of the field). The HB runs horizontally in the backfield to get open wide.

Check & ReleasePress RS Down. The RB will start in blocking, before then auto releasing when he is out of blocking. If he can’t get out of blocking this route won’t happen.

Option – Press LT/L2. The HB runs through the line of scrimmage and will either hold 5 yards in the middle of the field, or head to the side-line – whichever is free, the CPU decides this for you.

Pass Block – Press RT/R2. The HB helps the OL in blocking.

Position specific – TEs

Delay Fade – Press RS Up. Like a streak but the TE slowly drifts to the side-line.

Block and Release Cross/Flat – Press RS Left/Right (depending on side of the field). This makes the TE stay into block until you release them by pressing their button. They will then run the route.

Drag – Press RS Down. This makes the player run just past the line of scrimmage and across the field.

Flat – Press LT/L2. The TE runs diagonally a couple of yards out.

Pass BlockPress RT/R2. The TE helps the OL in blocking.

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Pass Protection – RS in then LB/L1

With blitzing more common this, pass protection adjustments are important;

Max Protect – Press RS Up. This makes any supporting player stay in and block. It will convert HB and TEs from routes to pass blocking.

Slide Left – Press RS Left. This slides the focus of your OL one defensive player to the left.

Slide Right – Press RS Right. This slides the focus of your OL one defensive player to the right.

Double Team – Press RS down and use DPad before A/X to select. Press This pulls the focus of the OL towards a single defensive line player to then put two blockers on them. This improves blocking against stars but will leave someone unblocked elsewhere. Use on outside runs, but avoid on play action.

ID The Mike – Press A/X and select the player you think will join the blitz. This identifies a defensive player you expect to blitz. This re-aligns where your offensive line will focus its protection. If you get it right, it boosts protection, get it wrong and it will increase risk of a sack.

Tom Owen