How to Hurdle in Madden 23

Learning the best moves in Madden 23 is going to be essential as players get more comfortable with the game.

Certain special moves, such as a hurdle, could be the deciding factor between a few extra yards or breaking away for a touchdown.

Let's take a look at how to hurdle in Madden 23 on all platforms.

How to Hurdle in Madden 23 (PS4/PS5)

The hurdle is an important move because if timed correctly, you could leave your Madden 23 opponents in the dust.

However, every time you perform it, you leave yourself open to a possible fumble. The key here is discretion, we'd recommend only doing it when you're 1 on 1 with an opponent.

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PLAYSTATION CONTROLS: Use the Triangle button to hurdle your opponent

Performing a hurdle is simple, press the Triangle button while you're running to hurdle over your opponent. You'll also see that you can Jurdle in Madden 23, which we'll go over a bit later.

How to Hurdle in Madden 23 on PS4 and PS5:

  • Press the Triangle () button

It's a pretty simple mechanic to use and the more you get the timing down, the better you'll be at it.

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How to Hurdle in Madden 23 (Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S)

The good news about the button layout in Madden 23 is that they're pretty much the same on every console.

The main difference is that the button is called something else on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S but it's in the same location.

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XBOX CONTROLS: The Madden 23 controls are fairly straightforward

As we mentioned above, timing is everything when it comes to performing a hurdle in Madden 23, regardless of the console you're on.

How to Hurdle in Madden 23 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S:

  • Press the (Y) button

Simple and easy to use but could cause you to lose the football so be sure you use it with discretion.

Now, let's take a look at the modified hurdle, the "Jurdle."

How to Jurdle in Madden 23

This is essentially a modified move that you can use to make a horizontal jump instead of just a vertical jump to go forward.

Many Madden 23 players use this in addition to hard cuts to get through gaps or change directions quickly. You'll still be using the standard hurdle button though.

PS4 / PS5 Jurdle Controls:

  • Jurdle - ▲+LS

Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S Jurdle Controls:

  • Jurdle - Y+LS

Now that you've got that down, check out the rest of the Madden 23 controls right here.

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