Elites are out on MUT, focus shifts to Madden 22

We have reached the end of the NFL season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers living the fairytale and lifting the Lombardi Trophy.

In Madden Ultimate Team 21, this means the big finale of releases.

These cards will instantly be in the upper echelon of MUT 21 at 97 OVR, and feature a fantastic lineup of names like Steve Hutchinson, Mean Joe Greene, Brian Dawkins along with current players like Aaron Donald and Josh Allen.

But now what?

Madden Ultimate Team 21

It's been an odd year for MUT 21. A lot of discourse has been focused on the franchise mode and lack of development and general fan unhappiness.

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MUT had a solid year and very much followed the pattern of releases to be expected.

The latest set of drops has loads of elite players. We even saw the first-ever 99 OVR card be given to Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady.

Randall Cunningham Madden ultimate team 21 card
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LEGEND: Some heroes are now available

It's great to see a lot of former legends included too. It really freshens the game up when it isn't the same NFL players everyone sees each week. There's a lot of excitement around the former hall of fame types.

So now what?

Sadly, this usually spells the end of MUT in each series of the game.

The game now gets flooded with great cards, meaning those who are new to the game or play more casually can often find themselves outmatched.

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The more serious players might have a final push to get some top cards, but after a long season of regular play - now can be the time for many to wind down on MUT 21.

All eyes on Madden 22 then?

Pretty much.

With so much heat on this year's franchise mode, we would be shocked to not see that as the focus for the game. We have already spelled out what we want to see.

MUT 21 was more of the same and it continues to work. We expect to see the 'if it's not broke' approach for MUT 22.

Here is where you can find everything we know so far about Madden 22.

The next major question - who will be the Madden 22 cover?

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