New cards out on MUT 21 with NFL Honors drop

The NFL season is over, but there are still amazing cards being released on Madden Ultimate Team 21.

As the season goes on, the cards coming out get better and better until the best of the best come out after the season is done.

We are at that stage now and with the NFL Honors drop, we are seeing elite players fill the game out.

NFL Honors Drop

The NFL Honors collection gives cards to those players that have been included in the official NFL Honors list.

This is as follows;

MVP - Aaron Rodgers

Defensive POY - Aaron Donald

Offensive POY - Derrick Henry

Comeback POY - Alex Smith

Offensive ROY - Justin Herbert

Defensive ROY - Chase Young

These aren't all guaranteed to get cards but we are already seeing some come out.

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Justin Herbert has a 97 OVR NFL Honors card, as does Chase Young - these came out earlier in the week.

Which cards are coming out today?

In today's NFL Honors drop we are getting four new cards that will be 97 OVR.

Two have been previewed and will be;

  • 97 OVR Derrick Henry HB
  • 97 OVR Alex Smith QB

Using this logic we can guess the other two players will be Aaron Donald and Aaron Rodgers.

Derrick Henry, HB

Derrick Henry NFL Honors 97 overall card for Madden Ultimate Team 21
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MONSTER: Virtually impossible to tackle

This is a monster of a card.

A big back with 98 break tackle, 97 truck, and 95 carrying is hard enough to stop. But to add 95 speed is just unfair.

With Henry running at you, anything but elite linebackers and he is running to the house every time.

Alex Smith, QB

Alex Smith NFL Honors 97 overall card for Madden Ultimate Team 21
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WEST COAST: Great for short yardage passing on the move

It's great to see Smith back in action and what a tribute.

Elite accuracy with 96 short, 94 medium, and 92 deep. Also highly mobile which is great for the west coast offense. 94 throw on run and 94 play action.

When do these drop?

They are expected to drop today (Thursday 11th Feb) so keep your eyes peeled for the update.

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