Can Madden 22 Players Hit the Gridiron on PS4?

With the Super Bowl behind us, there's a new life in Madden 21, but fans are still excited for what's around the corner with the next game of the series.

Madden 22 has all the room to be the best game in the series, but will it have current gen console support?

Here's what we know so far.

Will Madden 22 Be on PS4?

While EA have yet to officially confirm, we can expect Madden 22 to come out on PS4.

Will Madden 22 Be on PS4? Current Gen Consoles
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COMING THROUGH: Are next gen consoles taking over for Madden 22?

Sony has spoken highly of the PS4's future in gaming, and not abandoning players still gaming on the current gen console.

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Sony Senior Vice President of Global Product Strategy and Management Hideaki Nishino gave a relative timeline of 3 years for continued development on PS4 as players transition to next gen.

That means players should have little to no worry that they'll need to pick up a new console to play Madden 22.

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What We Know About Madden 22

While EA have kept fans in the dark on the progress of Madden 22, we do have some insights from 2020 that give us some firm expectations.

Madden 22 PS4 Xbox One PS5 Xbox Series X Next Gen Graphics
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THE CROWD GOES WILD: EA have a chance to really impress players with Madden 22

EA revealed several big future plans for Madden 22 Franchise Mode after the #FixMaddenFranchise movement, and players will certainly hold the company to their word.

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These Madden 22 features that EA have given expectations for include the following:

  • Coaching and staff management
  • Scouting improvements
  • New scenario engine enhancements
  • New team chemistry system
  • Commissioner Tools improvements
  • MORE CONTENT - Examples: Relocation/Branding Assets for Franchise - New uniforms, names, and logos to relocation options for more variety and depth in deeper careers.

While EA didn't guarantee these features, fans will be disappointed if they aren't ready for Madden 22 launch day.

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