Madden 21 Ultimate Team Blitz: Release date, house rules, master & more

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Madden 21 has been out for a few months and we are over halfway through the NFL regular season.

This is prime time for Madden Ultimate Team to start with their campaigns.

We have had Autumn Blast, we have TOTW each week.

We now get Blitz.

What is Madden Ultimate Team Blitz?

Blitz is back once again, so don't waste any time and get onto Ultimate Team for this can't-miss promo!

EA Sports posted this tweet covering the headlines.

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It's a very dynamic promo that will need you to keep jumping on the game every 12 hours to keep up with new content.

mut 21 blitz tweet
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Challenges - there will be new challenges every 12 hours with the chance to get another LTD card.

Sets - Collect Blitz Tickets to get the chance to get Tyreek Hill or Kam Chancellor

Store - New LTD offers every 8 and 12 hours

House Rules - House Rules will change every 24 hours and give the chance to earn Boltz.

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When is the release date for MUT Blitz promo?

It starts tonight so be on the lookout for any game updates and in the MUT menus. Expect to see something at 8 PM ET

rsz kam chancellor mut 21 blitz
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ZONE BALL HAWK: He will pick off big time players with high play rec

What kind of cards are in it?

The guys at Muthead have tweeted some sneak previews and they look amazing.

rsz tyreek hill mut 21 blitz
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SPEED KILLS: Hill is one of the fastest elite WR available
  • 94 Kam Chancellor SS
  • 93 Tyreek Hill WR
  • 92 Budda Baker S
  • 92 Josh Jacobs HB
  • 91 Jadeveon Clowney LOLB
  • 91 Zack Martin G
  • 90 Brandon Aiyuk WR
  • 90 Donte Jackson S

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