Madden 21: Title Update #4 is LIVE – Patch Notes, Gameplay, MUT Squads, Visual Changes & more

It may be less than a week since EA release Title Update #3 on Madden 21, but they're already back with another patch!

Keep reading for the full patch notes for Title Update #4.

Release Date

Title Update #4 went live on all platforms (Xbox One, PS4 and Steam) on Wednesday, 16 September at 11am ET/ 4pm BST.

madden 21 title update 4 now live
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PATCH AFTER PATCH: Title Update #4 arrives less than a week after the last patch!

Check out what's included in the new patch below.

Title Update #4 Patch Notes

After a lengthy patch arrived in the form of Title Update #3 last week, it's no surprise that Title Update #4 is much shorter.

MUT Squads

  • Addressed an issue when MUT Squad Roles are not being respected properly when performing certain pass plays
  • Addressed an issue when on Fake Kick run plays the MUT Squad Roles were not being respected properly


  • Addressed an issue when two users on offense cannot pass the ball after a handoff on RPO Peeks and Reads

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  • Addressed additional visual issues with player uniforms


  • Addressed an issue where Origin PC players would receive an error message and were unable to boot Madden NFL 21

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