Madden 21 Title Update: 1.14 Patch Notes - Solo Battles tweaked, Gameplay fixes, MUT patch & more

Madden 21 has been constantly tweaked by EA since its launch.

A new set of Gridiron Notes has dropped, what is in store for players this time?

Gameplay updates

The majority of this title update has focused on gameplay, and that's a good thing.

Set Feet Lead and Pass Lead Elite will have the trigger indicators (the flashing red icon underneath the player) light properly.

madden 21 russell wilson
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99 CLUB: Wilson got the max OVR this week

Defenders knocking catches out very late has also been fixed. The window for knocking the ball out on normal collisions has been made smaller to fix that frustration.

Bubble routes on RPO plays are now defended properly by man coverage assignments.

AI pass-rushing has been tuned on All-Pro and All-Madden skill levels so that when an AI pass rusher wins their matchup they beat the block sooner.

Lefty QBs will now run option plays the correct way, where before they sould always run it to the left.

The 35-yard line ball spot bug has been fixed, and extra logic has been added for user-ball carriers to generate fake outs in Arcade.

MUT updates

Solo Battle CPU teams are being "evaluated" differently. Hopefully this means OP 87+ OVR teams no longer appear early in the week.

EA has also fixed an issue on the compare screen that showed the default X-Factor on a player item.

Franchise updates

In Franchise Mode the disappearing high OVR older free agents has been fixed.

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RAPID: Ruggs is proving his speed plays in the NFL

Players receiving incorrect Morale and Legacy changes during pre-season has also been fixed.

Presentation updates

Issues with the Oilers uniforms have been corrected. The Raiders field has been updated to grass.

Washington end zones have been updated, as have those of Atlanta.

Captains patch stars and C's not updating correctly has also been fixed.

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