Madden 21 Ratings: Roster Update Week 13 - Travis Kelce Joins 99 Club, Baker Mayfield, Darren Waller & more

Madden ratings are always changing, with hundreds adjusting each week in the Madden 21 Roster Update.

This week's Roster Update is no different - with massive changes including a brand new 99 Club member! And one 99 Club member has been removed as well to fit the TE.

So let's dive into the new Madden 21 Roster Update, and its biggest winners and losers in week 13.

Madden 21 Roster Update Week 13

With hundreds of Madden 21 ratings adjustments in each Roster Update, there's always some players that get huge boosts, and others that draw the short straw for their poor performances.

Madden 21 Ratings Roster Update Week 13
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SEPARATE FROM THE PACK: These players earned big Madden 21 ratings changes this week

Because of this, we'll break down the Madden 21 Roster Update by its biggest winners and losers.


These players made out amazingly in the week 13 Madden 21 Roster Update for their big performances in the 2020 NFL season.

Travis Kelce - 99 OVR (+1)

Travis Kelce made the huge leap to join the 99 Club in this week's Roster Update!

Madden 21 Ratings Roster Update Kelce 99 Club
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UPPER ECHELON: Kelce joins elite company in the Madden 21 99 Club

Kelce does so following up on a record-breaking 2020 NFL season, and off of a massive Week 13 game with 136 receive yards and 1 TD.

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Kelce also just signed a massive 4-year extension, so things are going well for the Chiefs TE.

Darren Waller - 91 OVR (+1)

While Travis Kelce has gotten the nod to join the 99 Club after Week 13, Darren Waller actually had the best performance of the week for TEs.

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Waller put up a whopping 200 receiving yards 2 TDs.

Baker Mayfield - 82 OVR (+2)

Despite all the hype around big TE performances in Week 13 of the 2020 NFL season, Baker Mayfield earned Player of the Week honors, and went up the highest amount of Madden 21 OVR of all.

Madden 21 Roster Update Ratings Week 13
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LEADER: Mayfield is coming into his own for the Cleveland Browns

Mayfield threw for 334 yards and 4 TDs in Week 13, which bumped his Madden 21 rating to 82 OVR.


Not everyone came out of Week 13 on the winning side, and it shows in the Madden 21 ratings.

One player lost most than all others, by being removed from the Madden 21 99 Club in this week's Roster Update.

Russell Wilson - 98 OVR (-1)

Russell Wilson has fallen from grace in Madden 21, dropping out of the 99 Club this week.

Madden 21 Russell Wilson 99 Club Ratings Roster Update
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DOWNTURN: Wilson started 2020 strong, but has fallen off in recent weeks

Wilson has had a down run in his last few weeks, and it shows in the narrow games the Seattle Seahawks are having after such a dominant start to 2020.

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In week 13, Wilson threw for 263 yards on 43 attempts, and threw 1 TD and 1 INT, getting sacked 5 times by a worn down New York Giants defense.

Derrick Henry - 94 OVR (-1)

Derrick Henry has also seen better days in the 2020 NFL season, but despite some solid numbers, he's been knocked down a peg in the Madden 21 ratings this Roster Update.

Madden 21 Roster Update Derrick Henry Rating
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SLEDGEHAMMER: Henry is a monster on the field, but his production has slowed down a bit

Henry ran for 4 yards per carry with 60 rushing yards and no TDs against the Cleveland Browns in week 13.

Todd Gurley II - 83 OVR (-2)

Todd Gurley II has looked very below average in the 2020 NFL season, and EA even commented on this in the week 13 Roster Update, beginning with - "Arguably one of the most boring running backs in the NFL right now, Todd Gurley..."

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Gurley managed just 16 yards on 8 carries in week 13, more than earning his ratings drop in the Madden 21 Roster Update.

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