Madden 21 PS5 Dual Entitlement Problems Reported by EA

EA have reported that some players are having issues redeeming Madden 21 Dual Entitlement on PS5.

This problem seems to be intensified for players outside of North America.

Madden 21 PS5 Dual Entitlement Issues
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THE BAD NEWS: Some players have had issues redeeming Dual Entitlement on PS5

While the Madden 21 team is on the issue, we have no progress to report yet, which means it could be something that extends into and beyond the weekend.

How to Redeem Madden 21 Dual Entitlement

To see if your Madden 21 Dual Entitlement has these issues, or just get started with your next gen experience, here's how you redeem the next gen version of Madden 21.

First you'll obviously need to purchase the base game, as there is no next gen exclusive version.

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Then you'll need to head to your menu, go to games, and select Madden 21.

You'll then go to the drop down menu and select game versions, where you'll select PS5 | Full | Madden NFL 21.

Madden 21 next gen ps5 dual entitlement activation
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HOW TO: This is how you reach your next gen version of Madden 21

Madden 21 PS5 Servers Live

Madden 21 next gen came early on Thursday, 3 December, when Xbox Series X and PS5 Dual Entitlement unlocked a day before their release date.

Along with this, PS5 Servers went live on 3 December, allowing players to hop right online with their Madden 21 next gen gameplay. This, of course, after downloading a quick Title Update.

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For players struggling with Madden 21 Dual Entitlement issues on PS5, this can be an extra annoyance. The high quality of Madden 21 next gen gameplay isn't helping either.

Madden 21 Next Gen Review

While players had to wait longer for Madden 21 to release its next gen features than other titles, the reward has been a fantastic new upgrade to the gameplay experience.

Madden 21 next gen graphics PS5
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STUNNING: Madden 21 next gen graphics level up the game tremendously

With amazing new motion, new stat tracking, and a new energy behind the title - Madden 21 is going up fast.

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Even better, the graphics have been massively upgraded with next gen technology, which makes Madden 21 look as much as it feels like a new game.

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