Madden 21 Ratings: Roster Update Week 12 - Tyreek Hill, Joey Bosa, Deshaun Watson & more

Madden 21 has finally landed on next gen, and a new roster update will determine player ratings for its debut on PS5 and Xbox Series X!

Each week, Madden 21 updates hundreds of player ratings - and Week 12 is a big one.

Let's dive right into which players got big boosts, and which players flopped in Madden this week.

Madden 21 Roster Update Week 12

We'll break down the Madden 21 Roster Update into the biggest winners and losers.

Madden 21 update ratings roster
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THE DIFFERENCE: Each Madden 21 Roster Update shakes up hundreds of ratings

But with hundreds of Madden 21 ratings adjusted, you'll see plenty more changes when you get in your next game.


There were several big winners in this week's Madden 21 Roster Update.

These players stood out in their Week 12 NFL games, and earned a big Madden rating boost as a result.

Tyreek Hill 98 OVR (+2)

Tyreek Hill had a monstrous week 12, with an incredible 269 receiving yards and 3 TDs. As a result, Hill gets a huge 2 rating boost in Madden 21.

Madden 21 ratings update tyreek hill next gen
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FORCE: Tyreek Hill pulled off potentially the best performance of the season in week 12

This boost will push Tyreek Hill to 98 OVR, sitting just outside of the 99 Club.

Joey Bosa 93 OVR (+2)

Joey Bosa had a fantastic week 12 showing, picking up 3 sacks with 9 tackles, a fumble recovery, and 1 pass defended. Because of this huge performance, Bosa also goes up 2 OVR in his Madden 21 rating.

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This pushes Bosa up to a 93 OVR, which better represents his threat as a young superstar.

Deshaun Watson 88 OVR (+2)

Deshaun Watson has had a solid second half of the 2020 NFL season, and caps it off with a big week 12. Watson threw for 318 yards and 4 TDs (no interceptions) on Thursday.

Madden 21 Deshaun Watson Next Gen Autumn Blast Ratings
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RECOGNITION: Watson isn't just getting big in MUT 21 anymore

This clean sheet pushes Watson up to an 88 OVR Madden 21 rating.


Every NFL week has players come out on the bad end, and these players faced the worst of it.

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As a result, their Madden 21 ratings took a hit.

Michael Thomas 96 OVR (-1)

Michael Thomas has had a fall from grace in the 2020 NFL season, and it's certainly reflected in Madden 21.

Madden 21 99 club michael thomas ratings week 12
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FALL FROM GRACE: Thomas has been hit hard falling from the 99 Club

Michael Thomas started Madden 21 ratings off as a member of the 99 Club. He now falls to 96 OVR after another subpar showing for who was supposed to be one of the best receivers in the NFL.

Tom Brady 92 OVR (-1)

Tom Brady's 2020 has gone up and down, and his rating changes each week in Madden 21 show it.

Madden 21 ratings update tom brady next gen
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CAPTAIN: Brady is leading the Buccaneers in what feels like a boom or bust season

In week 12, Brady failed to lead his team to a close victory, throwing 2 interceptions for the second week in a row. This showing knocks Brady down another point to a 92 OVR Madden 21 rating.

Lavonte David 91 OVR (-1)

Lavonte David is a crucial part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense, and he hasn't gotten the pressure he needs to in his last few games.

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This showed in their week 12 loss, and David's weak showing bumps him down to a 91 OVR Madden 21 rating this week.

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