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Madden 21 December Title Update adds new X-Factor Players, Superstar Abilities - Alvin Kamara, Film Study & more

Madden 21 is getting some big changes heading into the new month with a massive December Title Update.

This update introduces new X-Factor players, Superstar players, and Superstar abilities - including the controversial Film Study ability.

Let's dive in.

December Title Update Patch Notes

The newest Madden 21 Title Update shakes up the landscape of standout superstars on the gridiron.

This includes new X-Factor and Superstar players to replace players that aren't at that elite level this year, and also adds new Superstar Abilities.

Let's start with the new abilities!

New Superstar Abilities

Madden 21 is receiving 4 new Superstar Abilities.

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INSIGHT: Top players will now have more insight than a coach with the Film Study ability

Film Study - Defenders with this ability will have full vision of plays the offense has run 5 times each quarter; via coach cam.

Film Study is an ability many players will remember from the Madden 21 beta. It is a controversial addition to the game that has undergone some changes since the beta.

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Backlash - Ball carriers with this ability will cause increased fatigue penalties against their tackler when tackled via a non-conservative tackle.

Backlash will be a great new addition to the run game in Madden 21, introducing more strategic decisions for tackling in the open field.

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NONSTOP: Some players just don't slow down, and Recuperation will show it in Madden 21

Recuperation - Players with this ability will recover from the effects of fatigue at an increased rate between plays.

Recuperation will be a new way for Madden 21 players to simulate high stamina levels during games, but it could quickly get out of hand depending on its strength.

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Honorary Lineman - Non-offensive linemen with this ability will frequently win Impact Blocks when blocking defensive backs in the open field.

Honorary Lineman is a great addition to the Madden 21 Superstar Ability list, giving some extra strength to players like TE's and WR's that are standout blockers in big moments.

New X-Factor Players

Madden 21 X-Factor Players are the upper echelon of talent, and stand out on the field with massive abilities.

With some new elite players separating themselves from the pack in the 2020 NFL season, Madden 21 is showing it by adding 3 new X-Factor players. Each will have 2 X-Factor abilities in the December Title Update.

MUT 21 team standouts alvin kamara
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Alvin Kamara - Satellite, Juke Box

Alvin Kamara has had a stellar 2020 as a huge threat in the rushing and receiving game. In Madden 21, Kamara will now have the Satellite and Juke Box X-Factor Abilities.

Lavonte David - Run Stuffer, Deflator

Lavonte David has been a massive defensive presence as the leading threat in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker core. David will now have the Run Stuffer and Deflator X-Factor Abilities.

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DeForest Buckner - Unstoppable Force, Inside Stuff

DeForest Buckner is on track to take home DPOY honors after the 2020 NFL season. Buckner has been a devastating inside threat as a DT for the Indiannapolis Colts.

In Madden 21, Buckner will pick up the Unstoppable Force and Inside Stuff X-Factor Abilities to cement his impact on the game.

New Superstar Players

Madden 21 adds a whopping 12 new Superstar Players in the December Title Update.

Each player will also pick up new Superstar Abilities to make them standout in-game.

This includes:

  • Aaron Jones - Backfield Mismatch, Recuperation
  • Ali Marpet - Post Up, Secure Protector
  • Brian Burns - Speedster, Strip Specialist
  • Calvin Ridley - Mid Out Elite, Outside Apprentice
  • Darren Waller - TE Apprentice, Short Out Elite
  • DK Metcalf - Deep Out Elite, Red Zone Threat
  • Jamison Crowder - Mid In Elite
  • Jessie Bates III - Deep In Zone KO, Acrobat
  • Jonathan Allen - Inside Stuff, Run Stopper
  • Josh Allen - Quickdraw, Escape Artist
  • Myles Jack - Outmatched, Deflator
  • Terry McLaurin - Deep In Elite, Outside Apprentice

Superstar Player Downgrades

With so many new Madden 21 Superstar Players in the Madden 21 December Title Update some have been removed from the list.

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This also includes some X-Factor players that will now be demoted to Superstar Players.

X-Factor Downgrades

  • Drew Brees - Pro Reads removed
  • Calais Campbell - Unstoppable Force, Edge Threat removed

Superstar Downgrades

  • Demarcus Lawrence
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Zach Ertz
  • TY Hilton
  • Justin Simmons
  • Matt Ryan
  • Julian Edelman
  • Carson Wentz
  • Ryan Kerrigan
  • Courtland Sutton

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