Madden 21 NCAA: Face of the Franchise, game mode & more

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NCAA 2014 is a fond memory for sports fans, but it was the last game of the series thanks to issues with player payment, image rights, and representation.

But with the NCAA game topic opening back up to discussion, and Madden 21's recent reveal on how NCAA content will be incorporated into the game, this is certainly an exciting time.

Face of the Franchise

MADDEN 21 face of the franchise
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IT'S BACK!- Face of the Franchise is making its return in Madden 21

Madden 21 has officially revealed Face of the Franchise's return as a popular game mode.

This mode has become Madden's biggest crossover with the NCAA in recent releases.

In Madden 21 we will see more positional flexibility allowing for playing at RB and WR instead of only QB.

Madden 21's Face of the Franchise will also last for two NCAA seasons, giving the chance to bring home two championships before the draft.

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NCAA game mode

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PRO BALL- How much NCAA football will we see in Madden 21?

While fans were hopeful for a huge NCAA crossover game mode fully fleshed out with teams and players, it looks like Madden 21 isn't there yet.

The most NCAA crossover we know about so far is in Face of the Franchise, which isn't a bad thing as the mode itself is growing to encompass more of the college football experience.

But for the diehard NCAA hopefuls, we aren't out of chances yet to hear about a surprise NCAA addition. EA Play is still to come.

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EA Play 2020

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THE CROWN JEWEL- Madden 21 may just steal the show at EA Play 2020

Madden 21 has released a lot of huge information in the leadup to release on next gen. But there's still one huge platform for fans to learn more about Madden 21, EA Play.

EA Play 2020 is looking to be an exciting show with everything EA has in store this year, and Madden 21 is one of the crown jewels.

If we ever are blindsided by the addition of a fully fleshed out NCAA game mode, it would be at EA Play.

That means fans holding out hope for this surprise inclusion should tune into to EA Play, which begins on 18 June at 4pm PT.

But it's hard to expect anything big with Madden 21's release date announced as 25 August.

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