All Players and Easter Eggs in Star Walkin', the LOL Worlds Music Video

Star Walkin cover image

Star Walkin cover image

League of Legends Worlds Championships is all wrapped up, and DRX taking home the title was a twist no one expected. Even after their extraordinary run to the finals, many expected them to fall at the final hurdle, and it was the calibre of players that carried them.

Star Walkin' embodies everything Worlds is all about and is the latest in a long line of hype anthems for the tournament. Better yet, it absolutely bangs. You might have seen some familiar faces though, so let's take a look at who made it in.

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All Players in Star Walkin'

A World MV simply wouldn't be a Worlds MV without some featured pros. This year features a representative from each major region, but if you can't quite keep up with all four (we don't blame you) we have you covered.

Star Walkin Players
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The featured players are:

  • Humanoid - LEC
  • CoreJJ - LCS
  • Meiko - LPL
  • Chovy - LCK

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted that World Champion CoreJJ will not be at Worlds this year. Unfortunately, as production has to start so early in the year, it began when Team Liquid looked set to make Worlds.

All Easter Eggs in Star Walkin'

As ever, the Worlds Music Video is full of easter eggs the animators have had a little fun with. After over 10 years of World Championships, there is plenty of history to draw on.

CoreJJ in Star Walkin
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A particularly cute easter egg to mention is in the shot of CoreJJ with fans. One is holding up a ruler, a nod to the Worlds winning bot lane duo, of CoreJJ and Ruler on SSG.

Chovy in star walkin
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This shot of Chovy is lighter on the easter eggs, but does have a #ChurchofChovy banner, referencing his status as 'the God of Mid Lane' in his region.

Humanoid Star walkin
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Star Walkin' continues with this shot of Humanoid. A Mad Lions plushie is visible, a nod to his team before Fnatic, and a 'Uma Jan' sign, Perkz's parody of Humanoid's in-game name, Uma Noid.

Meiko Star Walkin
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Finally, for the players, we have Meiko from EDG. A fan by his side is wearing cat ears, as a nod to Meiko fondness for his cat, on which he styled his Yuumi skin.

Star Walkin Mecha Champions
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The video concludes with the signature champions for each player turning into Giant Mechas ready to battle it out:

  • Rell - CoreJJ
  • Twisted Fate - Humanoid
  • Thresh - Meiko
  • Azir - Chovy

Star Walkin' is live now on YouTube, so if you haven't seen it yet, don't miss out!

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