DRX makes the miracle run to win League of Legends Worlds 2022

From negative in the LCK all the way to the Worlds finals, from Play-ins and all the way, DRX are your League of Legends World Champions 2022. A Cinderella story that arguably eclipses the fairy-tale itself, DRX has made history this year.

If you haven't managed to watch the series yet, head over to Lolesports and check out the VOD, because it's undoubtedly one of the best Worlds Finals we've seen. Here's everything you need to know about the match.

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Worlds Finals MVP - DRX Kingen

In what was undeniably the performance of his life, Kingen stepped up big time for DRX in the top-lane. Against Zeus, considered by many the best top in the World, most expected Kingen to fall short, but he did anything but.

Deft and Kingen lol Worlds
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His Aatrox performance in Game 5 particularly kept DRX in the game long enough for them to work their magic. Having built an early lead, he was able to wreak havoc, and pick T1 apart as finals nerves got to them.

Although Game 1 was tough, against Zeus's Yone, in every subsequent game Kingen was able to neutralise him, which is no small feat. With clever drafting, they were able to stay one step ahead regardless of side selection.

Deft Finally Wins his World Title, after 9 years

Deft has won MSI, he's won the LCK, and he's won the LPL. He's been to Worlds with 5 different teams, but had never taken home the Summoner's Cup until today. He broke his own curse, and shattered expectations.

Deft wins Worlds
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Debuting just 3 days after Faker, and attending the same school, Deft has always lived in his shadow to an extent. Very few players have been around as long, or had close to the same incredible record, but the win today will definitely put Deft in the history books once and for all.

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