LoL Arena - When will the Arena mode return?

LoL Arena

The LoL Arena mode is one of the most popular modes the game has ever released. Arena is composed of four teams of two players each, who battle against each other in the Rings of Wrath until only one of them is left standing.

The 2v2v2v2 mode quickly conquered the heart of LoL players, and because of that, made its return on 8 December. However, just one month later, the mode has once again been removed.

So let's find out when the LoL Arena mode is coming back.

When is LoL Arena mode returning?

As mentioned above, after a brief return, which lasted precisely one month, the LoL Arena mode has once again been removed. The fans weren't expecting the game mode to be gone so soon, and many of them were frustrated about the Riot Games decision.

LoL Arena map
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Riot Games developers have confirmed the mode is coming back in 2024, but they haven't revealed when exactly. They did, however, say it would happen in the first half of 2024, so Arena should be back by June at the latest.

What changes will the Arena mode introduce?

The Arena mode will undergo some huge changes, and the Riot Games goal is that the mode comes back better than ever.

Perhaps the most impactful change is the increase in the number of teams, which will go from four to eight. However, Arena teams will still consist of two players each.

LoL Arena map
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There are four different Arena battlefields.

The Augments system will be reworked, and we wouldn't be surprised to see new augments added. The same can be said for Rings of Wrath, as changes to the Arena battlefields are expected, and there is even a good chance new maps are introduced.

We will have to wait a little bit more time until Riot Games releases official information about the mode. Once that information is announced we will make sure to add it to the article as fast as possible. So make sure to bookmark it.

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