LoL Patch 12.5: Release Date, Patch Notes, New Skins, Master Yi Nerfs & Latest News

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LoL patch 12.5 will be a very important update for the progression of Season 12, and we're now just a day away from its arrival!

From massive Hullbreaker nerfs in an effort to save the top lane meta (which still may not be enough) to new skins and plenty of other balance changes, it's not one you want to miss.

Here's what we know about LoL patch 12.5, including its release date, patch notes, new skins, and everything in-between.

LATEST - LoL 12.5 Release Time & Maintenance Schedule

With less than a day left before the launch of LoL 12.5, let's go over the massive patch's release time and server maintenance schedule.

League of Legends servers will go down for LoL 12.5 at 6am EST on Wednesday, March 2nd.

This maintenance is expected to run for 3 hours before we reach the LoL 12.5 release time of 9am EST - when players should be able to jump right in and try out all the new changes.

This period can be shortened or extended pending any technical difficulties, however.

Release Date

Going by Riot's official patch schedule, League of Legends patch 12.5 will go live on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

LoL 12.5 Patch Notes

Thanks to RiotPhlox, League players now will have an idea of what's to come in the LoL 12.5 patch notes.

League of Legends master yi skin splash art
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SLICED AND DICED: Master Yi players will feel some real painful nerfs in LoL 12.5

Although small, the update is set to pack a punch, giving massive nerfs to Master Yi, buffs to Seraphine, and nerfing the meta top lane item, Hullbreaker, among some other key changes across the board.

To read through the LoL 12.5 patch notes revealed so far, check them out here.

Massive Master Yi Nerfs are Coming in LoL 12.5

According to Riot Game Designer Captain, some big Master Yi nerfs are in store for a future update and are now live on the PBE for testing.

These changes target Alpha Strike (Q), Wuju Style (E), and Highlander (R), and rework some of Master Yi's systems as well as how his abilities interact with each other, while also nerfing Alpha Strike's AD scaling and Crit Bonuses massively.

Read over the upcoming Master Yi nerfs and changes below that we expect to make the cut in the LoL 12.5 patch notes:

  • Alpha Strike (Q)
    • Damage decreased from 25/60/95/130/165 (+90% AD) to 30/60/90/120/150 (+65% AD)
    • Crits deal 10% less extra damage
    • Now applies on-hit effects
    • CD refund now scales down with AH
  • Wuju Style (E)
    • Duration now doesn't decrease during Alpha Strike (Q)
    • Can now be cast during Alpha Strike (Q)
  • Highlander (R)
    • Duration now doesn't decrease during Alpha Strike
    • Can now be cast during Alpha Strike (Q)

LoL 12.5 Skins

With every new patch, League of Legends adds some great new skins to give players the opportunity to take on new looks for old favorites and new champions alike. Skins are a fun way to customize your champions and with every new skin has come more and more creativity.

Based on what's been revealed so far, the upcoming LoL 12.5 skins could include the following bee-themed releases as previewed by Riot on February 15th: BZZZiggs, Orbeeanna, Nunu & Beelump, and Heimerstinger. All of these bee skins will be priced at 1350RP on release, and could soon swarm Summoner's Rift in LoL 12.5!

As always, the Riot art team also did a fantastic job on some dynamic Splash Arts for these upcoming skins which you can check out below:

BZZZiggs and Heimerstinger

BZZZiggs and Heimerstinger patch 12.5
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Credit: Riot Games
BUZZING: BZZZiggs and Heimerstinger hive some great qualities


Orbeeanna patch 12.5
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Credit: Riot Games
BUMBLE: Orbeeanna's will do more than just sting

Nunu & Beelump

Nunu & Beelump patch 12.5
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Credit: Riot Games
THE GOOD STUFF: Nunu & Beelump will hurl giant honeycombs at their opponents
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