Counting down to the latest League of Legends Title Update

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The next big update for Riot Games' MOBA League of Legends is almost here! LoL version 11.11 introduces quite a few new cosmetic items and a series of key balancing changes.

Here's when it's out and what's in-store.

UPDATE - Live Now w/ Patch Notes

The LoL version 11.11 update is out now and Riot Games has shared the Patch Highlights in addition to the full Patch Notes.

Azir, Graves, Ryze, and Teemo are amongst the Champions who have received a buff, to some degree.

On the flip side, Lee Sin, Rumble, Qiyana and Morgana are all getting nerfed!

There's also a series of new cosmetics for the following Champions:

  • Sejuani
  • Mordekaiser
  • Renekton
  • Senna
  • Sylas
  • Varus

These are all "PROJECT" themed and will be available from May 27th. You can check out a better look at them in the Full Patch Notes from Riot Games.

LoL 11.11 Release Date

League of Legends update 11.11 goes live on Wednesday, May 26th.

That means we're now just hours out, and the hype is very real.

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Start Time

LoL 11.11 will bring servers down for a few hours, with downtime expected to start from 6am EST, and run to 9am EST.

This server downtime can be extended if issues come up during maintenance.

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Patch Notes

While we don't have any official LoL 11.11 patch notes just yet, we do have an early reveal for them thanks to Gameplay Director Mark Yetter.

League of Legends Skins Senna Project
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GO TIME: League of Legends update 11.11 is nearly here

The highlights of LoL 11.11 include huge Wardstone changes, Hecarim buffs, Morgana nerfs, and several new Project skins.

Read over the full LoL 11.11 patch notes here.

While the patch is filled to the brim with great content, the upcoming Dr Mundo VGU, which many players hoped LoL 11.11 would include, will not be coming just yet. Instead, it's scheduled for LoL 11.12.

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