LoL 11.9 Update Patch Notes Revealed

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League of Legends is just one day away from the LoL 11.9 update, and we have a set of official patch notes revealing the changes coming soon!

LoL 11.9 features buffs and nerfs for 19 Champions and 6 Items in its patch notes.

Here's what you need to know about LoL 11.9.

Latest - AFK Punishments Are Getting Much Longer

One big problem since the beginning of League of Legends has been players AFKing and games and ruining the experience for 9 others.

Riot will take a big step around the LoL 11.9 update, extending the AFK punishment durations massively.

LoL 11.9 AFK punishments time loss update patch notes
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DO THE CRIME, DO THE TIME: LoL 11.9 introduces new AFK punishments

Read over the current system vs the system coming soon around LoL 11.9 below:

Current AFK Punishments

  • 1st AFK: 5 min lockout and auto-loss
  • 2nd AFK: 10 min lockout and auto-loss
  • 3rd AFK: 15 min lockout and auto-loss

LoL 11.9 AFK Punishments

  • 1st AFK: 5 min lockout and auto-loss
  • 2nd AFK: 30 min lockout and auto-loss
  • 3rd AFK: 14 day lockout and auto-loss

Release Date

LoL 11.9 is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, April 28.

Like most LoL patches, we expect servers will go down for maintenance at roughly 6am EST, and come back live with the patch at roughly 9am EST.

Patch Notes

Shown first by Gameplay Design Director Mark Yetter, we now have a full glimpse into the official League of Legends 11.9 patch notes!

LoL 11.9 patch notes changes nerfs buffs champions items skins
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RENOVATIONS: League of Legends gets some big changes in LoL 11.9

Check out all of the new changes, new skins, and more below!

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Champion Buffs

These champions will be getting some buffs in LoL 11.9.

LoL 11.9 Update patch notes Xerath splash art
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SHOCKING: A ton of champions are receiving big changes in LoL 11.9


  • Rhaast Reaping Slash (Q) Damage increased from 55% tAD +5% (+4%/100%) enemy max HP to 65% tAD +5% (+4%/100%) enemy max HP


  • Dance of Arrows (Q) Cooldown decreased from 9 to 8 seconds, Damage increased from 60-140 to 60-160.


  • Caustic Spittle (Q) Resistance Reduction increased from 20-28% to 25-33%
  • Void Ooze (E) Mana Cost decreased from 80-120 to 60-100


  • Whimsy (W) Cooldown decreased from 16-12 to 15-11, Attack Speed increased from 20-35% to 25-35%


  • Haymaker (W) Percent of expended Grit dealt as damage increased from 25 + 10 per 100 Bonus AD to 25 + 20 per 100 Bonus AD
  • The Show Stopper (R) Bonus AD ratio increased from 100% to 120%


  • Stand United (R) Shield value increased from 175/350/525 (+135% AP) to 120/310/500 (+17.5% bonus HP) (+135% AP)


  • Starlight's Touch (Q) Mana cost decreased from 70-110 to 70-90


  • Pillar of Ice (E) Slow increased from 20/30/40/50/60% to 32/39/46/53/60%


  • Arcanopulse (Q) Damage increased from 80-240 (+75% AP) to 70-230 (+90% AP)
  • Eye of Destruction (W) Damage increased from 60-180 (+60% AP) to 60-200 (+65% AP)

Champion Nerfs

These champions are getting toned back a bit in the LoL 11.9 update.

LoL 11.9 Diana splash art
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SLOW DOWN: Many champions are getting nerfed in the LoL 11.9 update


  • Armor Pen per level decreased from 3.6 to 3.1
  • Base HP regen reduced from 7.5 to 6.5
  • Moonsilver Blade (Passive) Bonus attack speed decreased from 20-40% to 15-40%

Dr Mundo

  • Armor per level decreased from 3.5 to 3
  • AD per level decreased from 3.5 to 3


  • Courage (W) AR/MR per stack decreased from 0.25 to 0.2, Max Resists unchanged (minions needed for max increased from 120 to 150.)


  • Body Slam (E) Damage decreased from 80-240 to 80-220


  • Hextech Micro-Rockets (W) Damage decreased from 50-170 to 50-150, Max Damage decreased from 90-306 to 90-270


  • Fishbones (Q) Rocket crit damage decreased from 200% to 175% for splash targets (bug fix)


  • Tormented Soil (W) Damage to monsters decreased from 200% to 185%


  • Junkyard Titan (Passive) Overheated Magic Damage On-Hit decreased from 10-50 to 5-40


  • Transfusion (Q) Cooldown decreased from 9/7.75/6.5/5.25/4 to 9/7.9/6.8/5.7/4.6

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Item Buffs

These items will pack more of a punch in LoL 11.9!

LoL 11.9 Rell
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ARM YOURSELF: These items are getting better in LoL 11.9

Death's Dance

  • Attack Damage increased from 50 to 55
  • Armor increased from 40 to 45

Moonstone Renewer

  • Starlit Grace base heal increased from 60 to 70

Sunfire Aegis

  • Immolate Magic Damage increased from 100% to 150%

Wits End

  • Build Path Changed: Dagger to Long Sword
  • Attack Damage increased from 30 to 40

Item Nerfs

These items are getting scaled back in LoL 11.9.

LoL 11.9 item nerfs amumu
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BAD TIME: Think twice when picking up these nerfed items in LoL 11.9

Deadman's Plate

  • Health decreased from 400 to 300

Turbo Chemtank

  • Active Movement Speed decreased from 60% to 40%

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LoL 11.9 also brings some great new skins to the table, and you don't want to miss them!

This includes the following:

  • Conqueror Jax
  • Conqueror Jax Prestige Edition
  • DWG Jhin
  • DWG Kennen
  • DWG Leona
  • DWG Nidalee
  • DWG Twisted Fate
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