LEC Results and Standings Week 1 Day 3 - G2 and Vitality Dominance

LEC Fnatic
Credit: Lol Esports Photos

LEC Fnatic
Credit: Lol Esports Photos

The LEC is coming to the end of week 1, and frontrunners are emerging from the standings to no great surprise. With a completely new format, a solid first week is more important than ever, and a couple of teams are almost guaranteed to be through to the next stage already.

Other teams have had a rough week, but we did see a resurgence from some teams we expected to be higher in the LEC standings. Here is everything you need to know about what went down on day 3, and who has come out on top after the first week of the winter split 2023.

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LEC Winter 2023 Week 1 Day 3 Results

Week 1 is all wrapped up, and just so you're all caught up, here is the full list of results from day 3:

  • SK vs HRT
  • G2 vs AST
  • BDS vs XL
  • FNC vs KOI
  • VIT vs MAD

Day 3 was certainly a more spicy day for the draft phase, with some very exciting picks coming out of the mid lane. Caps put up a fantastic performance on the Zac, which he also used at Worlds to pair with a triple ADC comp.

Humanoid also pulled out the Jayce in the mid-lane, not seen in the LEC for quite some time. He too delivered quite the performance, showing that regular season Humanoid may be a thing of the past.

LEC Standings - Week 1 Day 3

Now that week 1 is at a close, we finally have a better idea of who is coming out ahead. Here are the full standings as they stand:

  • G2 - 3-0
  • VIT - 3-0
  • KOI - 2-1
  • MAD - 2-1
  • HRT - 1-2
  • BDS - 1-2
  • FNC - 1-2
  • SK - 1-2
  • XL - 1-2
  • AST - 0-3

G2 and Vitality have come out the clear frontrunners, although G2 arguably looks much more solid, having delivered three very convincing wins. Vitality has also faced slightly easier opponents on paper.

LEC Yike
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KOI look shaky despite being tied for 3rd, while MAD have looked more convincing in their two LEC victories. Fnatic and Excel sit towards the lower end of the table, but did pick up crucial wins if they are to be in contention for playoffs.

Surprises of the day - Fnatic, XL, and More Vitality

A huge perk of the day for Fnatic fans is that the team finally showed what they can accomplish with favourable matchups. Rekkles is famous for his Sivir for a reason, and together with Humanoid's Jayce, they were able to scale to a resounding win.

XL also managed to pick up a win but has somewhat less to celebrate. A close game they should have won on paper was eventually decided by an Elder dragon, and the team will need to focus up if they're looking to secure top 8 in the LEC.

LEC Bo and Perkz
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Vitality faced arguably their toughest opponent yet in the Mad Lions, who have been on surprisingly good form. Perkz and Bo continue to look like a duo to be feared and gave us a very convincing victory, reassuring fans that they can still dominate against the best.

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