LEC to change Format for 2023: Best of 3s are in and Expanded Playoffs

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The LEC first-ever winter split is now fast approaching, and if you're not sure what that means this is the article for you. The League has been in need of a format change for some time, as best-of-ones have left teams high and dry at international events.

Now though, we have confirmation of huge changes to the LEC format heading into 2023. Everything fans were asking for has come to fruition, as we have more games and more best-of series. Here's everything you need to know.


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LEC Regular Season Changes

The LEC regular season has been the same format since it rebranded from the EU LCS for the 2019 season. Two super weeks of three days sandwich a total of 8 weeks per split, all others with two days of games. 6 games are played a day, for a total of a double round robin.

Rogue LEC win

The regular season will now be cut down to only three weeks, each of three days. The games will be played from Friday to Sunday, and will still be best of one. There will now however be three seasons per year.

This streamlined season will no doubt help viewership, but the big changes are coming to the end of split playoffs.

LEC Playoffs Changes

Playoffs have also retained a similar format since the LEC became what it is today. While it does feature double elimination, problems arise from the format, such as MAD this year making Worlds without winning a single best-of-5.


Now, playoffs will come in two sections. Both will be GSL format, which means double elimination across the board, and the top 4 will advance.

GSL LEC playoffs

The first playoffs will be best-of-3, with the top 8 teams after the regular season competing. The top 4 will advance to the final playoffs stage, where teams will compete in Best-of-5s.

LEC Finals 2023

Teams will be competing for championship points in the playoffs as usual, but now these points have far greater significance. 3 teams with the most accrued points will meet the 3 split champions in a grand final playoffs at the year's conclusion.


4 weeks of best-of-fives between these teams will crown the final champion of the LEC. The top 3 or 4 teams will also advance and represent the region on the international stage at Worlds.

The end result is far more games being played, and much fewer in a best-of-1 environment, which doesn't lend itself to international competition. This is a huge step in the right direction for the LEC, and will no doubt see teams with more experience when they arrive at an international.