LEC Results and Standings Week 1 Day 2 - G2 destroy Fnatic, more wins for MAD, VIT and KOI

LEC Week 1 G2

LEC Week 1 G2

The LEC is back for another year, and it's first ever winter split, and the action from day 2 is now all wrapped up. The revamped format means that these first games count more than ever, and some teams have really come out swinging to make sure they don't miss out on playoffs.

No great surprises came from day 2 in terms of results, with most games going as expected, but some teams still came out much stronger than we expected. Here's everything you need to know about what went down, and who came out ahead in the LEC standings.

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LEC Winter 2023 Week 1 Day 2 Results

Just so you're all caught up, here is the full list of results from day 2:

  • Mad Lions vs Astralis
  • SK vs Team BDS
  • KOI vs Excel
  • Vitality vs Heretics
  • G2 vs Fnatic
LEC week 1
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Day 2 did see a little more variety in the picks, with a Draven for Hans Sama being a notable departure, to great success. Kindred remains a popular answer to melee junglers like Sejuani, but has yet to find any particular success.

LEC Standings - Week 1 Day 2

After two days of games, we are yet to see any clear standings, but here is a breakdown of who has come out ahead:

  • G2 - 2-0
  • VIT - 2-0
  • KOI - 2-0
  • MAD - 2-0
  • HRT - 1-1
  • BDS - 1-1
  • FNC - 0-2
  • SK - 0-2
  • XL - 0-2
  • AST - 0-2

The main surprises here are Fnatic and Excel, both failing to pick up any LEC wins. Although only top 8 is needed to secure the next stage, every win counts towards seeding, which can have a huge impact.

Surprises of the day - G2 vs Fnatic, and BDS

Team BDS came out much stronger than day 1 of the LEC, which was quite a pleasant surprise for fans. Giving Crownshot the Caitlyn was certainly a mistake SK, but the carry performance was delivered by Nuc, who has been muted for some time in the mid-lane.

Hans Sama LEC
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The real shock of the day though came in the age-old rivalry between G2 and Fnatic. Hans Sama picked the Draven, which is a bold statement and requires an early lead, but boy did he deliver, with the help of Mikyx and another incredible showing from Yike.

Rekkles and Rhucks were bullied out of the lane from minute one, and were simply not given the space to recover. G2 snowballed to a 10k gold lead at minute 15, and delivered one of the most one-sided game the LEC has seen in some time.

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