*LATEST* LoL Yuumi Guide - abilities, runes, playstyle, and more

League of Legends Yuumi is the magical cat who has caused much stress for Summoners in the Rift.

With her invincibility, her ultimate who stops enemies in their tracks and a brutal healing mechanic, she really is strong.

Her presence in pro play has been pretty good but she does also have a strong presence in casual play.

This has been increased also by the recent announcement of her rework where Riot developers will help the cat.

Yuumi is a perfect all-rounder. Those who know the game well look forward to relaxing more.

However, those who want to learn the game can also use Yuumi to learn fast too.

So, let's take a look at Yuumi in League of Legends in this guide with her abilities, runes, and her playstyle.

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*UPDATED* Yuumi Abilities Leaked

Yuumi is getting a new rework in League of Legends soon and her reworked abilities have now been revealed.

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Yuumi Abilities

PASSIVE - Bop 'n' Block

Periodically, when Yuumi attacks a champion, she restores mana and gains a shield that follows her, protecting her and the ally she's attached to.

Q - Prowling Projectile

Yuumi fires a missile, dealing damage to the first target hit. It deals bonus damage and slows if it takes at least 1 second to get to its target. While Attached, the missile can be controlled with your cursor.

W - You and Me!

Passively, Yuumi increases her ally's Adaptive Force and her own. Actively, Yuumi dashes to a target ally, becoming untargetable from everything except turrets.

E - Zoomies

Heals Yuumi and boosts Move Speed and Attack Speed. If she's attached, she passes it to her ally instead.

R - Final Chapter

Yuumi channels seven waves of damage, rooting anyone hit by three or more. Yuumi can move, attach, and cast Zoomies! while channelling.

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Runes for Yuumi in League of Legends

League of Legends Yuumi Runes
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Summon Aery is brilliant to take on Yuumi for her Q ability as it provides that extra bit of damage.

However, it also brings even better shields to allies through her healing too.

Manaflow Band is another important rune to take in order for Yuumi to keep mana high.

Her abilities do cost quite a lot of mana due to how strong they are, so this is vital to keep her active.

Presence of Mind also helps Yuumi to keep that mana up by popping her Q on enemies.


Early game Yuumi should prioritise the ally ADC with heals and shields from Aery.

Poking the enemy with her Q ability is also perfect to keep the enemy whittled down and proc her slow.

League of Legends Yuumi Ultimate ability
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Yuumi has an extremely strong heal which is perfect for the ally team. However, staying on one champion may not help here.

In the late game, jumping from ally to ally to heal them is the best bet to keep everyone's sustain up.

This makes Yuumi perfect for longer team fights. Pairing this with her ultimate ability in clumped-up team fights?

That is one strong magical cat.

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