*LATEST* LoL Yuumi Rework - lol developers reveal the details

League of Legends Yuumi has been a name that strikes fear in seasoned players all over the Rift.

Yuumi is a unique champion allowing new players to quickly experience League of Legends.

Additionally, players can also learn the game side-by-side with their friends. What's not to love... right?

Well, since Yuumi’s release in 2019, she’s simultaneously become one of the most popular champions and one of the most contentious.

While Yuumi has succeeded at those initial goals, she’s also been a tough balance problem at all levels of play despite numerous changes and updates.

So, let's see what the League of Legends Riot Games team thought about Yuumi and her new rework.

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*LATEST* Yuumi Abilities Leaked

Finally, there have now been some leaks regarding Yuumi and her reworked abilities.

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Yuumi and her W

Yuumi has a unique mechanic that allows her to attach to her allies and remain untargettable for an indefinite duration.

While this unique mechanic has made her more approachable to a large number of players, it also created some obstacles.

Yuumi Rework
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Since her release, Riot has made numerous small changes to maintain Yuumi’s core fantasy while limiting her presence in Pro play.

However, now Riot is making progress on a rework for her aimed at reducing some of the things that make her frustrating to play against.

Developers also identified some reasons for her high ban rate and professional play dominance...

  • Losing lane to Yuumi often feels like losing the game due to her strong scaling
  • Yuumi’s power isn’t tied to her own success, so putting Yuumi behind in lane doesn’t feel impactful since she can switch partners easily
  • Laning as an ADC with Yuumi isn’t fun due to her weak early game in solo play and tendency to quickly attach to someone else
  • In Pro play, Yuumi lacks exploitable counterplay windows relative to her strong defensive and engage capabilities

Keeping Yuumi's Style

One of Riot's key addresses about Yuumi is that she has a complex playstyle with her frequent untargetability which has been one of her many frustrations.

Meanwhile, Pro and Elite players were eager to take these mechanics and maximize Yuumi’s potential and hide her weaknesses.

In high-skill play, Yuumi players have learned to optimize unattached to trade their own health to accompany trades.

Even hyper-aggressive opponents like Draven and Lucian struggled against the cat.

Especially with the help of the additional Summoner Spell, Yuumi can bring.

League of Legends Yuumi Rework

With the above in mind, Riot wants to rework Yuumi to be an easy-to-learn Enchanter that’s all about protecting and enhancing her allies.

This means a greater emphasis on how Yuumi can aid her allies earlier in the game.

Yuumi in League of Legends
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Through trading her damage and crowd control for more early power and defence.

These could be making Yuumi’s success tied to winning lane, making her skills easier to dodge, and making her less powerful on highly mobile characters.

While Riot is still in the early stages of Yuumi’s rework, you can expect to see a bit more from them next year as we make progress worth sharing.

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