LoL Worlds Draw: Groups Announced for Worlds 2022

The League of Legends Worlds event is one of the biggest in the esports industry.

With such huge numbers of viewers and teams, there has to be a rigid system in regard to the format.

One part of this rigid format is the Group Stages and Play-in Draw which had its results announced last night.

To help with any regional clashes, only one team from each region will be in each group.

So, let's take a look at the results of the Worlds Group Stage and Play-in draws.

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League of Legends Worlds Play-in Groups

These teams have been split into two groups for the play-in stage of the League of Legends Worlds 2022.

Group A:

  • Fnatic (LEC)
  • DRX (LCK)
  • Detonation FocusMe (LJL)
  • Evil Geniuses (LCS)
  • Chiefs Esports Club (LCO)

Group B:

  • Beyond Gaming (PCS)
  • Royal Never Give Up (LPL)
  • Saigon Buffalo (VCS)
  • MAD Lions (LEC)
  • Istanbul Wildcats (TCL)
  • Isurus Gaming (LLA)

Worlds Group Stage draw

These teams have all been put into groups. However, there is one team still to be announced for each group.

This slot will be filled by teams in the play-in stage who succeed with their matches.

Group A:

  • C9
  • T1
  • EDward Gaming
  • TBA

Group B:

  • JDG
  • G2 Esports
  • TBA

Group C:

  • Rogue
  • Top Esports
  • GAM Esports
  • TBA

Group D:

  • Gen.G
  • CTBC Flying Oyster
  • 100 Thieves
  • TBA

Worlds Dates

The League of Legends Worlds play-in matches will begin on September 29 2022.

The Group stage matches will begin on October 7 2022.

The whole event will end on November 5 2022 at the Chase Centre in San Francisco.

This is where the trophy will be held high after months of work.

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