LoL: Worlds Anthem STAR WALKIN by Lil Nas X Released

Lil Nas X has been working with Riot Games to release the new League of Legends anthem for Worlds 2023.

The official music video for the new anthem was released yesterday.

Mech suited up champions such as Thresh, Rell, Twisted Fate, and Azir all teamed up to meet at the Chase Centre.

This is where the finals of Worlds 2023 will happen as the best teams seek to lift the trophy high.

Lil Nas X work with Riot Games has been incredible and the music video for Worlds is the cherry on top.

So, let's see where fans can listen and watch the video for STAR WALKIN by Lil Nas X for the League of Legends Worlds 2023.

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Created by Lil Nas X, ‘STAR WALKIN’ is a fresh new take on the Worlds anthem that celebrates LoL Esports fans and pro players alike.

Fight scene from League of Legends Worlds 2023 STAR WALKIN music video
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Carrie Dunn, Global Head of Creative, Esports at Riot Games stated...

"We wanted this year’s Worlds anthem to have that North American flair while truly embodying the One&Only brand - unapologetic in its individuality. And who better to represent that idea than Lil Nas X?"

The song represents the unrelenting drive of professional League of Legends players.

Their dedication, commitment, and straight-up toughness to progress are celebrated entirely within the music video for the song.

STAR WALKIN music video

The video shows some iconic landmarks in San Francisco, where the finals of Worlds 2023 will be held.

Almost every shot within the video hides easter eggs which many keen fans have kept an eye out for.

Thresh from STAR WALKIN League of Legends video
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Fans can watch ‘STAR WALKIN’ on YouTube. Grab the track on Spotify, or anywhere you listen to music.

Worlds 2022 will begin with the Play-In Stage on September 29 in Mexico City. Follow @lolesports with #Worlds2022 and keep an eye on for more details.

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