LoL Space Groove - Best skins for the League of Legends event

League of Legends Space Groove event is back in the game for 2022!

The event made a comeback after its first release back in April 2021.

As usual, this new iteration will bring new skins to different champions in-game.

There are also several space groove missions for players to complete and earn even more goodies.

As the final set of skins in 2022, it makes sense to bring back the retro 80's style skinline.

Many champions already have space groove skins, but which are the best?

Let's take a look at the best Space Groove skins available so that you can flex on your League of Legends friends in-game!

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Space Groove Blitzcrank

Space Groove Blitzcrank in League of Legends
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Obviously, this skin would make the list when there are two cats involved!

That's right, this iconic Blitzcrank skin has two of the cutest kitties controlling the mech.

One of the best features of this skin is actually the backing animation.

If you thought that two kittens were sweet, the backing animation has five kittens wagging their tails.

You really cannot go wrong with that number of cats.


Space groove Lux
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The queen of League of Legends skins herself. It only makes sense that Lux has gotten a skinline here.

The goodie two shoes rocks some cute space buns to really bring about the space theme.

Space Groove Teemo

Space Groove Teemo
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Teemo is the little demon who dons a big smile as he poisons you and the same is no different in this skin.

Brand new to the Space groove crew, his little roller skates reinforce his cuteness as he glides up to the enemy.

Space Groove Nami

Space Groove Nami
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Space Groove Nami in League of Legends paints the perfect scene for the champion.

Her water theme is transferred to the new space theme and they seem to align very nicely.

She also has a prestige edition of this skin which creates a much darker tone for the champion.

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